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MNS 5014:2009 Diesel engine vehicles. Maximum acceptable level and measuring methods of opacity MONG210339
MNS IFRS 7:2010 Financial instruments MONG210346
MNS 5382-6:2004 International postal service. Part 6: Postal bag MONG210348
MNS IPSAS 18:2012 Segment reporting MONG210353
MNS IPSAS 19:2012 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets MONG210354
MNS IPSAS 15:2012 Financial instruments: Disclosure and presentation MONG210355
MNS IPSAS 8:2008 Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures MONG210356
MNS IPSAS 6:2008 Consolidated financial statements and accounting for controlled entities MONG210357
MNS IPSAS 7:2008 Accounting for investments in associates MONG210358
MNS ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories MONG210366
MNS ISO/IEC 17040:2007 Conformity assessment. General requirements for peer assessment of conformity assessment bodies and accreditation bodies NS ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 96 p. Conformity assessment. General requirements for proficiency testing MONG210369
MNS GOST R 55989:2016 The main pipe for gas. Project pipeline pressure over 10 MPa. General requirements MONG210370
MNS GOST R 53675:2016 Basic pumping pump for oil and petroleum products. General requirements MONG210378
MNS ISO 12353-1:2016 Road Traffic Injury Analysis. Part 1: Terms and vocabulary MONG210386
MNS ISO /IEC 17050-1:2005 Conformity assessment. Supplier‘s declaration of conformity. Part 1: General requirements MONG210397
MNS ISO 29802:2016 Rubber wheels and rims used for all types of tracks. 5-wheel rim rubber tire. Description, dimensions, marking and bearing rating MONG210401
MNS GOST 31447:2016 Steel welding core pipe for gas, oil and oil products. General requirements MONG210410
MNS ISO IEC 17021-3:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that audit and certify management systems - Part 3: Requirements for auditing and certification of quality management systems MONG210411
MNS ISO IEC 17021-5:2016 Conformity Assessment-Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies-Part 5: Requirements for auditing and certification of capital management systems MONG210412
MNS ISO IEC 17021-4:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies - Part 4: Requirements for audit and certification of operational sustainability management systems MONG210413
MNS ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016 Conformity assessment. Requirements for an organization's audit and certification body. Part 1: Requirements MONG210416
MNS ISO IEC 17023:2016 Conformity Assessment - Instructions for establishing the length of the audit system's assurance audit MONG210418
MNS ISO IEC 17021-2:2016 Conformity Assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audit and certification bodies - Part 2: Requirements for auditing and certification of environmental management systems MONG210424
MNS GOST R 51164:2016 Transmission steel core pipe. General requirements for corrosion protection MONG210436
MNS ISO 13623:2016 Oil, petroleum products and natural gas industries. Pipeline transportation. General requirements MONG210438
MNS ISO/TR 12353-3:2016 Auto transportation. Road Traffic Injury Analysis. Part 3: Guidance on the interpretation of data and information on impulse impacts at the crash site in order to determine the gravity of the crash MONG210439
MNS ISO 4249-2:2016 Motorcycle rubber wheels and rims (Code symbols series). Part 2: Classification of rubber bearings MONG210445
MNS ISO 6725:2016 Auto transportation. The dimensions of two-wheeled mopeds and motorcycles. Terms and definitions MONG210450
MNS ISO 3911:2016 Inflatable wheel rims and rubber tires. Vocabulary, symbols and symbols MONG210452
MNS ISO 9004:2016 Quality management systems- Guidelines for performance improvements MONG210454
MNS ISO 9001:2016 Quality management systems-Requirements MONG210456
MNS 5021:2007 Trade center and its service. General requirements MONG210480
MNS ISO IEC 17021-6:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies - Part 6: Requirements for auditing and certification of business continuity management systems MONG210482
MNS 6478:2014 Civil aviation. Units of Measurement to be Used in Air and Ground Operations MONG210487
MNS IAS 11:2011 Construction contracts MONG210489
MNS 6440:2014 Buses for carrying children. Requirements for buses and services MONG210502
MNS 5775:2014 Settlement area distribution service of drinking water General requirements MONG210503
MNS IAS 7:2010 Statement of cash flows MONG210512
MNS IFRS 1:2010 First time adoption of international financial reporting standards MONG210513
MNS 5409:2004 Travel, tourism and accommodation type. General terminology of travel, tourism and accommodation type MONG210516
MNS 5375:2004 Photo service. General requirements MONG210521
MNS IPSAS 2:2004 Cash flow statement MONG210525
MNS IPSAS 1:2004 Presentation of financial statements MONG210527
MNS 4598:2011 General requirement for technical condition of road vehicles MONG210528
MNS ASTM E 1499:2016 Instructions for training the quality tester for a light-emitting material MONG210537
MNS IAS 31:2016 Interests in joint ventures MONG210542
MNS IAS 27:2016 Consolidated and separate financial statements MONG210543
MNS ISO Gui 53:2007 Conformity assessment - An organization's quality management system guidelines for product certification MONG210544
MNS IAS 28:2016 Investments in associates MONG210564
MNS EN 12966:2016 Seong-based sign. Road signs symbol MONG210578
MNS ISO/IEC 60:2007 Conformity assessment - Rules of good practice MONG210579
MNS EN 12561-3:2016 Railway use. Part 3: Canyer wagon. A steam evaporator when pouring the pressed gas from the bottom and filling it MONG210585
MNS EN 12561-1:2016 Railway use. Part 1: Canyer wagon. Technical Specifications and Placemarks for tanker trucks for transport of dangerous goods MONG210590
MNS EN 12561-2:2016 Railway use. Part 2: Canyer wagon. Fluid device is a drain outlet MONG210604
MNS IAS 12:2010 Income taxes MONG210614
MNS CAC/GL 26:2006 General principles for planning, implementing, assessing and accrediting of food import and export inspection and certification systems MONG210616
MNS IAS 2:2010 Inventory MONG210621
MNS ISO 5725-6:2009 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 6: Use in practice of accuracy values MONG210624
MNS 6228-2:2011 Qualification standard of workers for manufacturing of constriction material. Part: 2 General requirements MONG210627
MNS CAC RCP 39:2011 Code of hygienic practice for precooked and cooked foods in mass catering MONG210646
MNS 4958:2000 Service and grading health resort, sanatorium and nursing home MONG210668
MNS 5275:2003 Shoe repair service. General requirements MONG210678
MNS 6043:2009 Basic requirements for resort, tour camp and gym camp MONG210741
MNS 5342:2007 Parking. General requirements and classification MONG210809
MNS 5824:2007 Classification and types of tourist accommodation and basic requirement MONG210815
MNS 5163:2002 Bath. General requirements MONG210819
MNS 6513:2015 General requirements for the design of the conveyor belt MONG210821
MNS 6228-1:2010 Qualification standard for construction work and professional workers. General requirements MONG210826
MNS 4601:2011 Motor vehicle maintenance and repair system, definition MONG210828
MNS 5381:2005 Internal postal service. Part 11: Storage, retrieval and re-delivery of postal items. MONG210829
MNS 5381-9:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 9: Preparation of post for transportation, exchange and transportation MONG210830
MNS 5381-8:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 8: Military post MONG210831
MNS 6514:2015 Safety conveyor belt. General technical requirements MONG210857
MNS 5381-10:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 10: Receiving and opening of postal items MONG210860
MNS EN 12561-7:2016 Railway use. Part 7: Canyer wagon. Stairs and stairs MONG210867
MNS EN 12561-8:2016 Railway use. Part 8: Canyer wagon. Heating connection MONG210869
MNS IFRS 4:2007 Insurance Contracts MONG210872
MNS ISO 12353-2:2016 Auto transportation. Road Traffic Injury Analysis. Part 2: Guidance on the Use of Measurement of Influenza Severity Influence MONG210873
MNS IPSAS 13:2012 Leases MONG210874
MNS 6595:2016 Occupational standards of the auto industry. General requirements MONG210875
MNS 6594:2016 Reprocessing of transport vehicles abandoned. General requirements MONG210880
MNS 6593:2016 Auto transportation. Cargo and passenger transportation. Terms and definitions MONG210882
MNS IAS 24:2012 Related Party Disclosures MONG210885
MNS IAS 38:2014 Intangible assets MONG210886
MNS IAS 40:2014 Investment property MONG210887
MNS 5537:2016 Basic requirements for Road side station MONG210891
MNS 4979:2016 Light and special sound signals used in road vehicles MONG210892
MNS 6228-3:2011 Qualification standard for construction work mechanization and professional workers. Part 3: General requirements MONG210897
MNS IAS 37:2014 Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets MONG210899
MNS 5831:2007 International freight and passenger transport. General requirement of transportation MONG210903
MNS 5162:2011 Market service for wood and wood products. General requirements MONG210915
MNS 6278:2011 Heavy truck vehicle. General technical requirements MONG210918
MNS 6310:2012 Public transport. General technical requirements for the J-800 bus MONG210927
MNS 5773:2007 Public electrical transportation equipment. The basic parameters and technical general requirements for the installation and usage of the public electrical. Transportation system such us JEA-800 trolleybus MONG210928
MNS 6225 :2010 Public electric transport. General technical requirements for the public electric transport such us JEA-800F duo bus MONG210929
MNS 5832:2007 Freight terminal. General requirements and classification MONG210933
MNS 6512:2015 Instructions for the use of MNS ISO 3779: 2010 (VIN) in auto-manufactured vehicles in Mongolia MONG210941
MNS 5879:2012 Public transport. Bus stop and station. Classification. Technical requirements MONG210943
MNS 5646:2011 Transportation of wool and row materials. General requirement MONG210944
MNS 5345:2011 General requirements for the large loads transportation MONG210945

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