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MNS 5770:2007 Biopreparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Short subulate barley, Kentucky bluegrass, Crested wheatgrass and Smooth bluegrass MONG210636
MNS 5768:2007 Bio preparation. Specific diagnostic test in 3 % solution allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Siever's Wormwood, largehead Wormwood Lambsquarteris MONG210637
MNS 5769:2007 Bio preparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from False Pendrous willow, Lauroleaf Poplar and Asian white Birch-Betula MONG210638
MNS 4957:2000 Aspirin CB tablets. Technical requirements 1 MONG210669
MNS 4998:2000 Medical raw materials. Artemisia santolinifolia Turcz. Ex Bess MONG210698
MNS 5997:2009 Pentaphylloides fruticose flower and leaf MONG211573
MNS 2967:1980 Semen glycyrrhizin MONG212036
MNS 3568:1983 Radix Rhodiolae MONG212037
MNS 3567:1983 Folium pini MONG212038
MNS 4923:2000 Laccifer lacca Kerr (Coccideae) MONG212070
MNS 4309:1996 Radix Malva mochleviensidis Dawnar MONG212077
MNS 6157:2010 Medical raw material. Ramulus Caraganaejubatae General Requirements MONG212420
MNS 6156:2010 Medical raw material. Glycine max (L.) Merr. General Requirements MONG212421
MNS 6287:2011 Medicinal raw material. Radix Helianthus annuus L. General requirement MONG212552
MNS 4954:2000 Extractum Stellera chamaejasme sicum MONG212596
MNS 4300:1996 Halenia corniculata MONG212647
MNS 5020:2000 Raw material for medicine. Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis MONG212659
MNS 5588:2006 Medical raw material. Radix and rhizome Rhodiola quadrifida (Pall.) MONG212692
MNS 4589:1998 Herba Salsola collina Pall MONG212763
MNS 4924:2000 Mongolian traditional prescription Marpo-3 tan MONG212807
MNS 4035:1988 Liquid bile of cattle, sheep and goat MONG212810
MNS 2125:1974 Polygonum viviparum MONG212908
MNS 4310:1996 Herba Saussureae salicifoliae MONG212933
MNS 2943:1996 Saxifraga hirculus L MONG213104
MNS 1943:1974 Leontopodium MONG213119
MNS 4036:1988 Dried bile of cattle, sheep and goat MONG213168
MNS 5734:2007 Drug raw material. Bovine eyes powder. Technical requirements MONG213409
MNS 1594:1972 Padus asiatica Kom MONG213458
MNS 6155:2010 Medical raw material. Radix cum rhizoma Iridis dichotomae. General Requirements MONG213685
MNS 4921:2000 Rhizome cum radicibus Rubia cordifolia (L) (Rubiaceae) MONG213831
MNS 2966:1980 Armeniaca Siberia (L) Lam MONG213858
MNS 4135:1992 Erysimum flavum (Georgi) Bobr MONG213863
MNS 2847:1980 Blood horn antler MONG213940
MNS 3299:1991 Radix stellarie dichomae MONG214037
MNS 3304:1991 Herba oxytropsidis Oxytropis strabilace MONG214045
MNS 5098:2001 Herba Oxytropis myriophylla. Technical requirements MONG214046
MNS 3813:1994 Pulveris Thermopsidis MONG214086
MNS 3312:1991 Hyrecoum erectum MONG214110
MNS 4160:1993 Semen silibum marianum MONG214117
MNS 4109:1991 Carthamus tinctorus L MONG214118
MNS 5223:2002 Medical raw materials. Rhizoma cum radicibus Asparagus officinalis MONG214136
MNS 5226:2002 Medical raw materials. Radix Iris humilis (I. Flavisima Pall) MONG214245
MNS 5225:2002 Medical raw materials. Dry fruit of Hippophae rhamoides MONG214246
MNS 5227:2002 Medical raw materials. Radix Iris Potaninii Maxim MONG214247
MNS 4198:1994 Buplerum scorzonerifolium Wild MONG214295
MNS 4922:2000 Folium Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb) L (Rosacea) MONG214409
MNS 2604:1978 Erysinum altaicum MONG214410
MNS 1944:1996 Artemisia frigida wild MONG214833
MNS 5487:2005 Traditional medicine."Arecephala‘‘ MONG214834
MNS 4133:1992 Normal serum of horse, cattle and yak MONG215014
MNS 0527:2014 Sweetbrier picking, storage and transporting. Technical requirements MONG215312
MNS 3876:1986 Fructus ribis rubri MONG215313
MNS 1977:2014 Cowberry picking, storage and transporting. Technical requirements MONG215315
MNS 5454:2005 Seeds of Artemisia Sphaerocephala Krasch MONG215373
MNS 3877:2014 Oriental strawberry picking, storage and transporting. Technical requirements MONG215411
MNS 4130:1992 Eyeball of cattle MONG215607
MNS 4131:1992 Orchid of cattle, pig and horse MONG215612
MNS 4132:1992 Struma of sheep and cattle MONG215616
MNS 0541:1980 Blood horn of deer MONG215828
MNS 5238:2003 Medical raw materials. Scutellaria baicalensis. Georgi. /radix/. Technical requirements MONG215856
MNS 3459:1990 Raw materials MONG215858
MNS 5996:2009 Tinctura Balmedini. Technical requirements MONG215874
MNS 2605:1994 Gentiana calgida Pall MONG215887
MNS 5222:2002 Medical raw materials. Radix cum rhizoma inula helenum MONG215903
MNS 2897:1990 Cacalia hastata L MONG215904
MNS 2894:1990 Cuscuta sinensis Lam MONG215914
MNS 5586:2006 Traditional Pulveres composite. Technical requirements MONG216096
MNS 5587:2006 Traditional dragee. Technical requirements MONG216097
MNS 5585:2006 Traditional spices. Technical requirements MONG216098

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