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MNS 6045:2009 Enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin 1 (ELISA) MONG210336
MNS 243:2003 Semolina. General technical requirements MONG210338
MNS 5912:2008 -Amin tun preparation. Technical requirement MONG210340
MNS ISO 5529:2000 Wheat- Determination of sedimentation index. Zeleny test MONG210341
MNS 5909:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal -1 Technical requirement MONG210342
MNS 5910:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal-2. Technical requirement MONG210343
MNS 5911:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal -3. Technical requirement MONG210344
MNS 4742:1999 Glue. Analysis method MONG210345
MNS GOST 20907:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG210349
MNS 5412:2004 Volume-metric Method of determination forged content for cooked food and tea MONG210350
MNS 5356:2004 Laryngeal Microsurgery MONG210360
MNS 0112:2015 Leather for clothes. Technical requirements MONG210367
MNS 3683:2015 Processed cashmere. Technical specification MONG210373
MNS 6645:2016 Determine the active carbon activity by iodine number and percentage MONG210375
MNS ISO/IEC 14443-1:2016 Identification card. Read away card with integrated circuit. A short-readable card. Part 1: Physical properties MONG210394
MNS ISO/IEC 14443-4:2016 Identification card. Read away card with integrated circuit. A short-readable card. Part 4: Transport protocol MONG210395
MNS ISO/IEC 14443-3:2016 Identification card. Read away card with integrated circuit. A short-readable card. Part 3: Prevent action and overlap MONG210396
MNS ISO/IEC 14443-2:2016 Identification card. Read away card with integrated circuit. A short-readable card. Part 2: Radio frequency capability and signal interfaces MONG210399
MNS ISO 5403-1:2016 Leather-A method of determining dynamic resistance to water MONG210407
MNS ISO 3376:2016 Leather - Physical and mechanical analysis. Determination of stretch resistance and percentile stretching MONG210408
MNS ISO 15700:2016 Skin-Toughness Testing. Method of determination of water droplets MONG210409
MNS EN 12312-16:2016 Aircraft service equipment. Special requirements - Part 16: Air-powered equipment MONG210414
MNS 6634:2016 Leather-Physical and mechanical analysis Color determination MONG210417
MNS 5411:2004 Food products of oatmeal. General technical requirements MONG210420
MNS 6606:2016 Criteria for IT Knowledge MONG210426
MNS 6587:2016 Broadcasting needs age censuses and use of identifiers MONG210428
MNS 6607:2016 Requirements for broadcast programming and streaming information MONG210429
MNS 5591-2:2016 Radio studio. Part 2: Requirements for equipment MONG210430
MNS 6590:2016 Safety requirements for radio communication and fencing facilities MONG210431
MNS ISO 14184-1:2016 Woven products. Method of determination of formaldehyde by water extraction. Free, hydrolysis formaldehyde MONG210440
MNS 6617:2016 Clinical Laboratory. The method of incubation of virus MONG210446
MNS ISO 6941:2016 Woven products. Burning state. Determination of the characteristics of the flame spreading in the vertical direction of the specimen MONG210449
MNS EN 12312-18:2016 Aircraft service equipment. Special requirements. Part 18: Nitrogen and oxygen-resistant devices MONG210459
MNS EN 12312-8:2016 Aircraft service equipment. Special requirements Section 8: Technical ladder and platform MONG210460
MNS EN 12312-20:2016 Aircraft service equipment. Special requirements. Section 20: Electric power plant MONG210462
MNS 6613:2016 Milk and sour cream. Determination of heat resistance by alcohol MONG210463
MNS 6648:2016 Requirements for labeling of food product packaging MONG210464
MNS 6646:2016 Vegetable oils. General technical requirements MONG210468
MNS 6614:2016 Determination of specimens for the determination of toxic elements contained in food and raw materials by atomic absorption spectrometric method MONG210473
MNS EN 13804:2016 Food products. General requirements and specific requirements for the determination of chemical elements and their compounds MONG210474
MNS 6603-1:2016 The "Edita-17" liquid disinfectant. General technical requirements MONG210476
MNS 6603-2:2016 The "Edita-19" liquid disinfectant. General technical requirements MONG210477
MNS 6615:2016 Quality Management System. Laboratory documentation MONG210483
MNS 5763:2015 Methodology for development of pharmacopoeia article MONG210488
MNS 6423:2013 Construction, housing, street camera control. General requirements MONG210490
MNS ASTM D 892:2014 Standard Test Method for Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils MONG210492
MNS CAC GL 24:2014 General guidelines for use of the term -Halal‖ MONG210494
MNS 6471:2014 Analytical method of germplasm MONG210499
MNS CAC 178:2014 Codex standard for durum wheat semolina and durum wheat flour MONG210504
MNS 6427:2013 Method of Identification of meat species and animal gender determination. DNA diagnostic MONG210508
MNS 5407:2004 Wood. Wood-Charcoal. Technical requirements MONG210514
MNS 5517:2005 Acritract Technical requirement MONG210515
MNS 5516:2005 Preparation row materials of medicine from Deracanthina. Technical requirement MONG210517
MNS 5505:2005 Preparation of vitamin-mineral-protein mixture. Technical requirement MONG210519
MNS 5515:2005 Immune serum prevention of poisoning animals by Astragalus variabillus. Technical requirement MONG210520
MNS 5375:2004 Photo service. General requirements MONG210521
MNS 5504:2005 Positive serum of hemagglutination incubation test for diagnosis Avian Newcastle disease. Technical requirement MONG210522
MNS 5503:2005 Hemaglutination test antigen for diagnosis Avian Newcastle disease. Technical requirement MONG210523
MNS 5475:2005 Correlation signal/noise and minimum field strengths for digital and analogue terrestrial television services in the VHF/UHF bands MONG210526
MNS 4598:2011 General requirement for technical condition of road vehicles MONG210528
MNS 0528:2016 Leather. Woaled sheepskin. Technical requirement MONG210529
MNS ASTM C 967:2015 General requirements for uranium ore concentrate "yellow powder" MONG210533
MNS 6586:2016 Construction drawings. Designing of construction information, communication and alarming. General requirements MONG210534
MNS 5273-2:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-3: Vine processing MONG210555
MNS ISO 23910:2016 Leather-Physical and mechanical analysis. Determination of the performance of a sewing thread MONG210565
MNS ISO 3377-1:2016 Leather. Physical and mechanical analysis. Determination of Crash Progress in the future MONG210566
MNS ISO 17236:2016 Hides-Physics and mechanical analysis Residual elimination method MONG210567
MNS 5393:2004 Leather and fur goods. Treatment tunica mucosa of cow`s rumen for fancy MONG210572
MNS 6445:2014 Technical requirements for -Tamir-EM bio liquid, part of EM product series MONG210617
MNS ISO 2918:1984 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content. (Reference method) MONG210620
MNS 5767-4:2007 Pollen obtained from Hordeum brevisubulatum flower anther MONG210626
MNS CSA 0177-06:2012 Requirements for manufacturers of welded wooden construction MONG210628
MNS CAC 3:1997 Canned pacific salmon MONG210629
MNS CAC 99:1999 Canned tropical fruit salad MONG210630
MNS ISO 2299:2010 Sawn timber of broadleaved species. Defects- Classification MONG210631
MNS 5767-5:2007 Pollen obtained from Poa pratensis flower anther MONG210633
MNS ISO 2300:2007 Sawn timber of broadleaved species. Defects. Terms and definitions MONG210634
MNS 5770:2007 Biopreparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Short subulate barley, Kentucky bluegrass, Crested wheatgrass and Smooth bluegrass MONG210636
MNS 5768:2007 Bio preparation. Specific diagnostic test in 3 % solution allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Siever's Wormwood, largehead Wormwood Lambsquarteris MONG210637
MNS 5769:2007 Bio preparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from False Pendrous willow, Lauroleaf Poplar and Asian white Birch-Betula MONG210638
MNS 5767-6:2007 Pollen obtained from Agropyron cristatum flower anther MONG210639
MNS 5767-1:2007 Pollen obtained from Artemisia sieversiana flower anther MONG210640
MNS 5767-7:2007 Pollen obtained from Bromopsis inermis flower anther MONG210641
MNS CAN/CGS 11.3:2011 Plate MONG210647
MNS 5767-8:2007 Pollen obtained from Salix pseudopentandra flower anther MONG210649
MNS ISO/IEC 29110-4-1:2015 Software Engineering. Software development cycle mode for micro units. Part 4-1: General mode group MONG210651
MNS ISO 1031:2010 Coniferous sawn timber. Defects. Terms and definitions MONG210656
MNS 4527:1997 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210664
MNS CAC 155:1998 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210665
MNS 5813:2007 Method of determination of Trichinella in horse meat and pork MONG210667
MNS 4957:2000 Aspirin CB tablets. Technical requirements 1 MONG210669
MNS ISO 105. Х11:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part 11: Color fastness to hot pressing MONG210674
MNS 5756-3:2007 Method for determination of twist in yarns MONG210675
MNS 3487:1998 Radionuclide‘s laboratories. Classification MONG210683
MNS CAC 73:1998 Food products. Canned baby foods MONG210685
MNS CSA 0153:2012 Poplar plywood MONG210694
MNS 2842:2011 Dried milk. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/30) MONG210695
MNS 5812:2007 Method for detection of cysticercus in beef and pork MONG210696
MNS 4998:2000 Medical raw materials. Artemisia santolinifolia Turcz. Ex Bess MONG210698
MNS GOST 8313:2014 Technical ethylcellosol. Specifications MONG210700

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