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MNS GOST R 55989:2016 The main pipe for gas. Project pipeline pressure over 10 MPa. General requirements MONG210370
MNS ASTM D7343:2015 Proper use of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for the analysis of oil products, oils and lubricants, and sampling, instrument calibration and measurement procedures MONG210377
MNS GOST R 53675:2016 Basic pumping pump for oil and petroleum products. General requirements MONG210378
MNS GOST 31447:2016 Steel welding core pipe for gas, oil and oil products. General requirements MONG210410
MNS 6606:2016 Criteria for IT Knowledge MONG210426
MNS GOST R 51164:2016 Transmission steel core pipe. General requirements for corrosion protection MONG210436
MNS ISO 13623:2016 Oil, petroleum products and natural gas industries. Pipeline transportation. General requirements MONG210438
MNS ASTM D 892:2014 Standard Test Method for Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils MONG210492
MNS ASTM D 5452:2014 Standard test method for particulate contamination in aviation fuels by laboratory filtration MONG210615
MNS ISO 105. Х11:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part 11: Color fastness to hot pressing MONG210674
MNS GOST 8313:2014 Technical ethylcellosol. Specifications MONG210700
MNS 4903:1999 Achillo 200 mg capsules MONG210705
MNS ISO 6619:2014 Petroleum products and lubricants. Neutralization number. Potentiometric titration method MONG210724
MNS 4933:2000 Method of identification of the origin of the bee honey MONG210751
MNS GOST R 51069:2014 Oil and petroleum products. Determination of densities, density, and density at an API MONG210753
MNS ISO 105. А01:2014 Textiles. Tests for colorfastness. Part A01: General principles of testing MONG210771
MNS ISO 105. А02:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part A02: Grey scale for assessing change in color MONG210772
MNS ASTM D 2276-06:2014 Aircraft fuel. Sample from the flow of fuel in the pipeline to the mechanical mixtures MONG210781
MNS ASTM D 3524:2014 Standard Test Method for Diesel Fuel Diluent in Used Diesel Engine Oils by Gas Chromatography MONG210797
MNS AATCC 20:2014 Fiber analysis. Qualitative MONG210836
MNS 4172:1990 Medical pectin MONG210848
MNS ASTM D 6277:2014 Standard Test Method for Determination of Benzene in Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels Using Mid Infrared Spectroscopy MONG210859
MNS GOST R 52946:2015 Oil products. Engine method for determination of the properties of engine and aircraft fuel detonation MONG210883
MNS 6200:2010 Reclamation of land destroyed due to petroleum exploration, production and development activities. General requirements MONG210910
MNS 5050-7:2001 Technical liquid ammonia. Part 7. Determination of carbon oxide (IV) mass percentage by titrimetric method MONG210975
MNS ISO 1998-1:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 1: Raw materials and products MONG211012
MNS ISO 1998-2:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 2: Properties and tests MONG211013
MNS ISO 1998-3:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 3: Exploration and production MONG211014
MNS ISO 1998-4:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 4: Refining MONG211015
MNS ISO 1998-5:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 5: Transport, storage, distribution MONG211016
MNS ISO 1998-6:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 6: Measurement MONG211017
MNS ISO 1998-7:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 7: Terms divers MONG211018
MNS ISO 3175-2:2002 Dry cleaning and finishing. Part 2: Procedures for tetrachlorethene MONG211024
MNS ISO 9345-1:2005 Optics and optical instruments. Microscopes. Imaging distances related to mechanical reference planes Part 1: Tube length 160 mm MONG211080
MNS CAC 44:1996 Canned green beans and canned wax beans. Specifications MONG211152
MNS 0328:2000 Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash and ignition points in open crucible MONG211155
MNS 0443:1997 Marmalade MONG211157
MNS GOST 12329:2012 Petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents. Method for determination of aniline point and aromatic hydrocarbons MONG211195
MNS 0324:2010 Petroleum products. Method of test for water-soluble acids and alkalis MONG211252
MNS 3501:2010 Petroleum products. Determination of ash MONG211253
MNS GOST 25371:2008 Petroleum products. Calculation of viscosity index from kinematic viscosity MONG211255
MNS 0336:2010 Petroleum products. Determination of carbon residue. Conradson method MONG211256
MNS GOST 29040:2008 Gasoline. Method of determination for benzene and total aromatics MONG211257
MNS 5799:2007 Diesel fuels. Determination of the filterability factor MONG211258
MNS 5800:2007 Diesel fuels. Cold filter method for determination of filtering temperature MONG211259
MNS ISO 8819:2001 Liquefied petroleum gases. Corrosiveness to copper. Copper strip test MONG211479
MNS ISO 7941:2001 Commercial propane and butane. Analyses by gas chromatography MONG211482
MNS ISO 13757:2001 Liquefied petroleum gases. Determination of oily residues. High -temperature method MONG211483
MNS ISO 4257:2001 Liquefied petroleum gases. Method of sampling MONG211499
MNS 6286:2011 Dimethyl ether. Gas fuel. Specifications MONG211541
MNS 0337:2000 Petroleum products and additives. Determination of sulfur content by chromate method MONG211627
MNS 3194:1981 Oil asphalt. Method for determination of paraffin content MONG211685
MNS GOST R 55435:2016 Transport of oil and oil products. Operation and technical services. General requirements MONG211743
MNS 4049:1988 Equipment for ore concentration MONG211817
MNS 6199:2010 Transmission oils. Classification and designation MONG211831
MNS 3816:1985 Greased oil of selective refining. The testing method for determination of nitrobenzene content MONG211911
MNS 5084:2001 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Fuel for motor transport. Specifications MONG211994
MNS 0481:1988 Petroleum and petroleum products. Method for determination of specific gravity MONG212059
MNS 0470:1985 Petroleum products. Method for determination of sulfur content by incineration in tube MONG212142
MNS ISO 3175-1:2002 Dry cleaning and finishing. Part 1: Method for assessing the clearability of textiles and garments MONG212150
MNS CAC 76:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen bilberries MONG212173
MNS 0335:1983 Motor and airplane spirit. The complexometric method for determination of lead content MONG212185
MNS 5714:2007 Amtarglyc tablets. Technical requirements MONG212222
MNS 4874:2011 Vaccini Vitisidaea(anisbit) 0, 5 g dragee. General requirements MONG212239
MNS 0881:1986 100% and half woolen blanket. Technical requirements MONG212285
MNS 2812:1979 Petrol and oil station. Methods and means of verification MONG212290
MNS 5821:2007 Method for the determination of breaking tenacity and strength of wool bundle MONG212302
MNS 3725:1998 Plasticine. Technical requirements MONG212360
MNS 3627:1983 Motor fuel. Determination of mercaptane and hydrosulfide sulfur by potentiometric titration MONG212367
MNS 5298:2003 The method for determining fat content of leather MONG212400
MNS 4537:2007 Method for the determination of grease content of animal fibers by pressing MONG212403
MNS 3318:2007 Method for the determination of wool felting properties MONG212464
MNS 1835-2:2007 Method for determination of mass per unit area of woven fabric MONG212466
MNS 1835-7:2007 Method for the determination of the resistance to pilling and change of appearance of fabrics by pilling MONG212467
MNS 1835-10:2007 Method for determination of wrinkle recovery MONG212468
MNS 1835-3:2007 Method for determination of thickness of fabric MONG212469
MNS 1835-8:2007 Method for determination of dimensional change after washing MONG212470
MNS 1835-5:2007 Method for determination of breaking force and elongation at break in woven fabric MONG212471
MNS 1835-4:2007 Method for determination of number of threads per warp and weft direction in woven fabric MONG212472
MNS 1835-6:2007 Textiles. Method for determination of water resistance MONG212473
MNS 1835-12:2007 Method for determination of abrasion resistance of woven fabric MONG212474
MNS 1835-9:2007 Method for determination of moisture regain in woven fabric MONG212476
MNS 5822:2007 Method for determination of conditioning textiles for testing MONG212477
MNS ISO105. Е04:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part E04: Color fastness to perspiration MONG212479
MNS 0068:1987 Young goat skin. Technical requirements MONG212507
MNS 0067:1987 Lamb skin. Technical requirements MONG212508
MNS 0469:1994 Petroleum products. Method for determination of relative viscosity MONG212519
MNS 5746:2007 Petroleum end petroleum products tank farms. Technological facilities. General technical requirements MONG212534
MNS ASTM D 1744:2008 Liquid petroleum products Standard test method for determination of water by Karl Fischer reagent MONG212535
MNS 0749:1986 Pure and half woolen broadcloth. General technical requirements MONG212587
MNS 6381:2013 Biodiesel Fuel. Technical Requirements MONG212607
MNS 6232:2011 Wool blended fabric for school uniform use. Technical requirement MONG212651
MNS 0959:1989 Young camel skin. Technical requirements MONG212697
MNS 0066:1989 Calf skin. Technical requirements MONG212698
MNS 0065:1989 Foal skin. Technical requirements MONG212699
MNS 0282:1982 Melon MONG212709
MNS 0216:2006 Diesel fuel. Technical requirements MONG212725
MNS 0217:2006 Gasolines for combustion engines. Motor petrol. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/35) MONG212744
MNS 0374:1986 Pure and half woolen cloth. General technical requirements MONG212754
MNS ASTM D 4052:2008 Standard test method for density and relative density of liquids by digital density meter MONG212757

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