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MNS 6574:2016 Electromagnetic measurements and calculations of radio frequencies affecting humans (from 100 kHz to 300 kHz) MONG210347
MNS 6605:2016 The frequency, spatial separation of the cellular stations, the dimensions of excess concentration and the measurement method MONG210433
MNS 6588:2016 General requirements for installation of flexible synthetic subsidies in the pipeline network of information and communication network MONG210434
MNS 6589:2016 General requirements for installation of fiber optic microcontroller in a fixed communication network MONG210435
MNS ISO 4008-2:2001 Road vehicles. Fuel injection pump testing. Part 2: Static conditions MONG210974
MNS ISO/IEC 2382-20:2011 Information Technology. Vocabulary. Part 20: System Development MONG211093
MNS ISO/IEC 2382-7:2011 Information Technology. Vocabulary. Part 7: Computer programming MONG211094
MNS ISO/IEC 2382-8:2011 Information Technology. Vocabulary. Part 8: Security MONG211095
MNS 5471:2005 Installation and mounting of cable for telecommunication and signaling canalization MONG211225
MNS 5594:2015 Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields MONG211559
MNS 6499:2015 Determination of the specific absorption by the influence of a wireless telecommunication device that is directly linked to the human body (30MHz to 6GHz frequencies) MONG214007
MNS 5833:2014 The structure gauge and loading gauge fort rail road MONG214156
MNS ISO/IEC 2382-17:2001 Information technology. Vocabulary. Part 17: Databases MONG214662
MNS ISO 4008-1:2001 Road vehicles. Fuel injection pump testing. Part 1: Dynamic conditions MONG214684
MNS 5647:2006 Transport of hay and fodder. Category. Transportation conditions. General requirements MONG215451
MNS ISO 4093:2001 Diesel engines. Fuel injection pumps. High-pressure pipes for testing MONG215957
MNS 5319:2003 Limits of spurious emissions and method of measurement MONG216250

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