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MNS 6045:2009 Enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin 1 (ELISA) MONG210336
MNS 243:2003 Semolina. General technical requirements MONG210338
MNS ISO 5529:2000 Wheat- Determination of sedimentation index. Zeleny test MONG210341
MNS 4742:1999 Glue. Analysis method MONG210345
MNS GOST 20907:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG210349
MNS 5412:2004 Volume-metric Method of determination forged content for cooked food and tea MONG210350
MNS 6422:2013 Cigar. General technical requirement MONG210351
MNS 6273:2016 Raw tobacco. General requirements MONG210361
MNS ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories MONG210366
MNS 0112:2015 Leather for clothes. Technical requirements MONG210367
MNS ISO/IEC 17040:2007 Conformity assessment. General requirements for peer assessment of conformity assessment bodies and accreditation bodies NS ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 96 p. Conformity assessment. General requirements for proficiency testing MONG210369
MNS GOST R 55989:2016 The main pipe for gas. Project pipeline pressure over 10 MPa. General requirements MONG210370
MNS GOST R 53675:2016 Basic pumping pump for oil and petroleum products. General requirements MONG210378
MNS ISO /IEC 17050-1:2005 Conformity assessment. Supplier‘s declaration of conformity. Part 1: General requirements MONG210397
MNS GOST 31447:2016 Steel welding core pipe for gas, oil and oil products. General requirements MONG210410
MNS ISO IEC 17021-3:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that audit and certify management systems - Part 3: Requirements for auditing and certification of quality management systems MONG210411
MNS ISO IEC 17021-5:2016 Conformity Assessment-Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies-Part 5: Requirements for auditing and certification of capital management systems MONG210412
MNS ISO IEC 17021-4:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies - Part 4: Requirements for audit and certification of operational sustainability management systems MONG210413
MNS 0831:2016 Cellular concrete thermoinsulating structures and products. Technical requirements MONG210415
MNS ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016 Conformity assessment. Requirements for an organization's audit and certification body. Part 1: Requirements MONG210416
MNS ISO IEC 17023:2016 Conformity Assessment - Instructions for establishing the length of the audit system's assurance audit MONG210418
MNS 5411:2004 Food products of oatmeal. General technical requirements MONG210420
MNS ISO IEC 17021-2:2016 Conformity Assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audit and certification bodies - Part 2: Requirements for auditing and certification of environmental management systems MONG210424
MNS GOST R 51164:2016 Transmission steel core pipe. General requirements for corrosion protection MONG210436
MNS ISO 13623:2016 Oil, petroleum products and natural gas industries. Pipeline transportation. General requirements MONG210438
MNS ISO 15025:2016 Protection against heat and flame - Analytical methods for determining the flame spread within defined limits MONG210448
MNS 6613:2016 Milk and sour cream. Determination of heat resistance by alcohol MONG210463
MNS 6614:2016 Determination of specimens for the determination of toxic elements contained in food and raw materials by atomic absorption spectrometric method MONG210473
MNS EN 13804:2016 Food products. General requirements and specific requirements for the determination of chemical elements and their compounds MONG210474
MNS ISO IEC 17021-6:2016 Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations that conduct audits and certification bodies - Part 6: Requirements for auditing and certification of business continuity management systems MONG210482
MNS ASTM D 892:2014 Standard Test Method for Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils MONG210492
MNS CAC GL 24:2014 General guidelines for use of the term -Halal‖ MONG210494
MNS 6406:2013 General requirement for the animals and livestock of spoils, cremate, to disinfect, abattage MONG210497
MNS EN 771-4:2016 Filing material. Autoclave gas concrete block. Part 4: Technical requirements MONG210498
MNS CAC 178:2014 Codex standard for durum wheat semolina and durum wheat flour MONG210504
MNS 6427:2013 Method of Identification of meat species and animal gender determination. DNA diagnostic MONG210508
MNS ASTM C 597:2016 Determination of concrete by ultrasonic pulse speed MONG210532
MNS ASTM C 78/C78M:2016 Concrete and concrete products. Determination of concrete bending strength MONG210538
MNS ASTM C 1064:2005 Method of determining the temperature of the Portland Conventional Concrete MONG210548
MNS EN 15085-1:2016 Railway use. Welding of railway vehicles and their components. Part 1: General requirements MONG210558
MNS EN 15085-4:2016 Railway use. Welding of railway vehicles and their components. Part 4: Production requirements MONG210559
MNS EN 15085-3:2016 Railway use. Welding of railway vehicles and their components. Part 3: Design requirements MONG210560
MNS EN 15085-5:2016 Railway use. Welding of railway vehicles and their components. Part 5: Examinations, tests, tests and documentation MONG210561
MNS EN 15380-2:2016 Railway use. Railway system marking system. Part 2: Product group MONG210562
MNS EN 15085-2:2016 Railway use. Welding of railway vehicles and their components. Part 2: Validation and quality requirements of the welding manufacturer MONG210563
MNS EN 459-2:2016 Lime construction. Part 2: Test methods MONG210569
MNS 1521:2016 Depression concrete. Test methods MONG210571
MNS 5393:2004 Leather and fur goods. Treatment tunica mucosa of cow`s rumen for fancy MONG210572
MNS EN 772-11:2016 Filing material. Test Methods - Part 11: Determination of water absorption by light aggregate concrete, autoclave and non-autoclave gas concrete, artificial and natural stone and clay brick MONG210573
MNS EN 15380-3:2016 Railway use. Railway system marking system. Part 3: Designing an area and designation of the sewer MONG210580
MNS 4699:2016 Plate for the pavement and platform. General requirements MONG210596
MNS EN 15380-1:2016 Railway use. Railway system marking system. Part 1: General requirements MONG210597
MNS CAC/GL 26:2006 General principles for planning, implementing, assessing and accrediting of food import and export inspection and certification systems MONG210616
MNS ISO 2918:1984 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content. (Reference method) MONG210620
MNS CAC 3:1997 Canned pacific salmon MONG210629
MNS CAC 99:1999 Canned tropical fruit salad MONG210630
MNS 6315:2012 1:500000, 1:1000000 scan symbols of land management planning MONG210632
MNS ISO 6929:2003 Renoprotective treatment MONG210635
MNS 5572:2005 State system for ensuring the uniformity of Measurements. Vehicle tanks for food liquids. Methods and means of verification MONG210655
MNS 4527:1997 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210664
MNS CAC 155:1998 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210665
MNS 4957:2000 Aspirin CB tablets. Technical requirements 1 MONG210669
MNS 2842:2011 Dried milk. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/30) MONG210695
MNS GOST 8313:2014 Technical ethylcellosol. Specifications MONG210700
MNS ASTM C 39:2007 Determination of concrete compressive strength by cylindrical specimens MONG210716
MNS ISO 6619:2014 Petroleum products and lubricants. Neutralization number. Potentiometric titration method MONG210724
MNS ISO 1072:2011 Solid wood parquet. General characteristics MONG210740
MNS 6282:2011 Glass fiber reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement ventiduct. Technical requirement MONG210747
MNS 4933:2000 Method of identification of the origin of the bee honey MONG210751
MNS GOST R 51069:2014 Oil and petroleum products. Determination of densities, density, and density at an API MONG210753
MNS ASTM D 156-12:2014 Seaweed Color Determination of Petroleum Products (Sibbolom Chromometric Method) MONG210754
MNS CAC 107:2007 Codex General Standard for the labeling of food additives when sold as such MONG210760
MNS 5036:2001 Method of determination for toxic heavy metals and trace elements content in products of fermentation- Total reflection X-ray fluorescence method MONG210762
MNS 6319:2012 Dry mixture of Caustic burned magnesia. Technical requirement MONG210764
MNS ISO 5542:2000 Milk. Determination of protein content. Amide black dye-binding method (Routine method) MONG210779
MNS ASTM D 3524:2014 Standard Test Method for Diesel Fuel Diluent in Used Diesel Engine Oils by Gas Chromatography MONG210797
MNS 5808:2007 Determination of Chromium (III) oxide content in the leather MONG210799
MNS 6317:2012 1:25000, 1:50000, 1:100000 scale symbols of land management planning MONG210840
MNS ASTM C 143:2005 Testing and testing of cone subsets for hydraulic cement MONG210842
MNS CAC 12:1998 Food technology. Sugar and sweet products. Honey MONG210846
MNS 6316:2012 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 scan symbols of land management planning MONG210847
MNS ASTM C 138:2005 Determination of average density of concrete, yield and air content (gravimetric) MONG210851
MNS ISO 5553:2004 Meat and meat products. Detection of polyphosphates MONG210871
MNS GOST R 52946:2015 Oil products. Engine method for determination of the properties of engine and aircraft fuel detonation MONG210883
MNS 6548:2015 Method of weight determination of first moisture, dry matter, and ash in animal feeds and pasture plants MONG210888
MNS 6555:2015 Nutrition preparations. Technical requirements MONG210889
MNS 6556:2015 Topic nutrition. Technical requirements MONG210890
MNS 5597:2006 The leather processing industry. Determination of sulfide in the technological waste water MONG210905
MNS 5598:2006 Leather. The leather processing industry. Determination of chloride in the technological waste water MONG210906
MNS 6195:2010 Supplement feed for animals. General requirement MONG210909
MNS 6200:2010 Reclamation of land destroyed due to petroleum exploration, production and development activities. General requirements MONG210910
MNS 5839:2008 General requirements for metal processing plant MONG210920
MNS 6314:2012 MNS Small Craft. Navigation Lights & Marks, Types. Terms and definitions, Installation and Placement MONG210957
MNS 5050-7:2001 Technical liquid ammonia. Part 7. Determination of carbon oxide (IV) mass percentage by titrimetric method MONG210975
MNS ISO 11212-3:2000 Starch and derived products. Heavy metals content. Part 3: Determination of lead content by atomic absorption spectrometry with electro thermal atomization MONG210989
MNS ISO 12080-1:2005 Dried skimmed milk-Determination of A content Part-1: Colorimetric method MONG210993
MNS ISO 12080 2:2004 Dry milk - Determination of vitamin A - Section-2: High-Activated Fluid Chromatography MONG210994
MNS ISO 1991-2:2000 Vegetables. Nomenclature. Part 2: Second list MONG211011
MNS ISO 1998-1:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 1: Raw materials and products MONG211012
MNS ISO 1998-2:2008 Petroleum industry. Terminology. Part 2: Properties and tests MONG211013

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