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MNS CAC 44:1996 Canned green beans and canned wax beans. Specifications MONG211152
MNS 1023:2007 Edible viscera and offal, including products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG211243
MNS CAC 113:1999 Quick Frozen Green and Wax Beans MONG212169
MNS ISO 15141-2:2000 Foodstuffs. Determination of ochratoxin a in cereals and cereal products. Part 2: High performance liquid chromatographic method with bicarbonate clean up MONG213011
MNS 0502:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted beef small intestine MONG213410
MNS 0757:1980 Cleaned and salted small intestine of horse MONG213461
MNS 1815:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted bungs of sheet and goat MONG213484
MNS 0254-7:1989 Wheat. Determination of gluten and quality MONG213575
MNS 0254-11:1989 Food wheat. Determination of type and composition MONG213577
MNS 0254-10:1989 Food wheat. Determination of glassiness MONG213590
MNS 0905:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted beef bungs MONG213894
MNS 2973:1980 Cleaned and salted small intestine of pig MONG213900
MNS 0254-3:1979 Cereals. Determination of moisture content MONG213915
MNS CAC 108:1997 Natural mineral water. Specification MONG214368
MNS 4971:2000 Dried bladders and weasands of beef MONG214461
MNS 0061:1998 Sheep and goat raw casing MONG214470
MNS CAC RCP 58:2013 Code of hygienic practice for meat MONG214545
MNS 5692:2006 Thin layer chromatographic method on determination of mycotoxin-patulinin plant origin food products MONG214836
MNS 5688:2006 Pet food. General technical requirements MONG215221
MNS 5687:2006 Dried edible offal. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215246
MNS 5755:2007 Livestock protein product. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215310
MNS 5240:2003 Popcorn. General technical requirements MONG215829
MNS ISO 7701:2003 Dried apples. Specification and test methods MONG215844
MNS 0501:2000 Sheep and goat casing. General requirements for processing, production, veterinary and hygiene MONG216030
MNS 1816:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted beef circle intestine (rounds) MONG217900

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