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MNS 5014:2009 Diesel engine vehicles. Maximum acceptable level and measuring methods of opacity MONG210339
MNS EN 15437-1:2016 Railway use. Functional monitoring. Interoperability and design requirements. Part 1: Road sidearms and movable components MONG210385
MNS ISO 21528-1:2016 Microbiology of food and animal feed - Detection and counting of bacterial intestine. Part 1: Determination and Counting / Potential Finding Techniques / MONG210392
MNS ISO 21528-2:2016 Microbiology of food and animal feeds - Methods for the detection and counting of bacterial intestines. Part 2: Colony Counting Method MONG210393
MNS 6606:2016 Criteria for IT Knowledge MONG210426
MNS ISO 14184-1:2016 Woven products. Method of determination of formaldehyde by water extraction. Free, hydrolysis formaldehyde MONG210440
MNS 6648:2016 Requirements for labeling of food product packaging MONG210464
MNS 5763:2015 Methodology for development of pharmacopoeia article MONG210488
MNS 6443:2014 Technical requirements for EM-5 bio liquid, part of EM product series MONG210496
MNS 5407:2004 Wood. Wood-Charcoal. Technical requirements MONG210514
MNS 4598:2011 General requirement for technical condition of road vehicles MONG210528
MNS ASTM E 74:2016 Method of adjusting the power measuring device to verify the force of the test machine MONG210536
MNS EN 12966:2016 Seong-based sign. Road signs symbol MONG210578
MNS 6600:2016 Alloy wagon 18.100 tackle wedge wedge. Technical requirements MONG210588
MNS EN 15687:2016 Railway use. Test load from 225 kN to 250 kN rigid static truck wagons MONG210609
MNS ISO 6929:2003 Renoprotective treatment MONG210635
MNS 6358:2012 General requirements to the bodies executing the metrology service (manufacture, installation repair and sale of measuring instruments) MONG210650
MNS ISO 105. Х11:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part 11: Color fastness to hot pressing MONG210674
MNS 6284:2011 Test methods for fiber cement products MONG210679
MNS 3487:1998 Radionuclide‘s laboratories. Classification MONG210683
MNS 5834:2008 Distribution boards for dwelling-houses. Technical specification MONG210687
MNS 5850:2008 Soil quality. Soil pollutants elements and substance MONG210711
MNS 6229:2010 Railway of 1520 mm gauge track. General technical requirements MONG210712
MNS ISO 6619:2014 Petroleum products and lubricants. Neutralization number. Potentiometric titration method MONG210724
MNS GOST R 51069:2014 Oil and petroleum products. Determination of densities, density, and density at an API MONG210753
MNS ASTM D 156-12:2014 Seaweed Color Determination of Petroleum Products (Sibbolom Chromometric Method) MONG210754
MNS CAC 107:2007 Codex General Standard for the labeling of food additives when sold as such MONG210760
MNS ISO 105. А01:2014 Textiles. Tests for colorfastness. Part A01: General principles of testing MONG210771
MNS ISO 105. А02:2014 Textiles. Tests for color fastness. Part A02: Grey scale for assessing change in color MONG210772
MNS 4586:1998 Water quality. General requirements MONG210803
MNS 5342:2007 Parking. General requirements and classification MONG210809
MNS 3084:2013 The general requirements to endure the competence of carriers in railway, during the loading and unloading and shifting works MONG210820
MNS 4601:2011 Motor vehicle maintenance and repair system, definition MONG210828
MNS AATCC 20A:2014 Quantitative analysis: Quantitative method analysis MONG210833
MNS AATCC 20:2014 Fiber analysis. Qualitative MONG210836
MNS AASHTO 4:2007 Guidelines for evaluating the uncertainty of analytical chemistry MONG210844
MNS GUIDE C 4:2007 Guidelines for evaluating the uncertainty of analytical chemistry MONG210845
MNS 6621:2016 Requirements for pharmaceutical quality control laboratories MONG210878
MNS 6594:2016 Reprocessing of transport vehicles abandoned. General requirements MONG210880
MNS GOST R 52946:2015 Oil products. Engine method for determination of the properties of engine and aircraft fuel detonation MONG210883
MNS 3321:2016 Test method for field static and dynamic barricades MONG210884
MNS 4979:2016 Light and special sound signals used in road vehicles MONG210892
MNS 4585:2016 Air quality. General requirements MONG210893
MNS 5831:2007 International freight and passenger transport. General requirement of transportation MONG210903
MNS 6278:2011 Heavy truck vehicle. General technical requirements MONG210918
MNS 6312:2012 Railway Passenger wagons. General technical requirements MONG210926
MNS 5832:2007 Freight terminal. General requirements and classification MONG210933
MNS 6512:2015 Instructions for the use of MNS ISO 3779: 2010 (VIN) in auto-manufactured vehicles in Mongolia MONG210941
MNS 5879:2012 Public transport. Bus stop and station. Classification. Technical requirements MONG210943
MNS 5343:2011 The easily spoiling transportation, and conditions of general requirement MONG210951
MNS 6311:2012 Agricultural machinery. Grain loader such us N- 1000-90 General technical requirements MONG210966
MNS 6298:2011 Maximum permitted level and measuring method of air pollutants in flue gas of new Thermal Power Plant and Thermal plant MONG210969
MNS ISO Gui 31:2001 The content of the standard design certificate MONG210973
MNS OIML R 87:2008 Quantity of product in prepackages MONG210976
MNS ISO 3175-2:2002 Dry cleaning and finishing. Part 2: Procedures for tetrachlorethene MONG211024
MNS ISO 5667-10:2001 Water quality. Sampling. Part 10: Guidance on sampling of waste waters MONG211040
MNS ISO 5667-4:2001 Water quality. Sampling. Part 4: Guidance on sampling from lakes, natural and man-made MONG211042
MNS ISO 5667-6:2001 Water quality. Sampling. Part 6: Guidance on sampling of rivers and streams MONG211043
MNS ISO 5667-5:2001 Water quality. Sampling. Part 5: Guidance on sampling of drinking water and water used for food and beverage processing MONG211044
MNS ISO 5667-11:2000 Water quality. Sampling. Part 11: Guidance on sampling of groundwater MONG211045
MNS ISO 5667-8:2000 Water quality. Sampling. Part 8: Guidance on the sampling of wet deposition MONG211046
MNS ISO 14660-2:2008 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS). Geometrical features Part 2: Extracted median line of a cylinder and a cone, extracted median surface, local size of an extracted feature MONG211114
MNS ISO 7971-2:2005 Cereals. Determination of bulk density, called -mass per hectoliter Part 2: Routine method MONG211145
MNS ISO 7971-1:2005 Maize. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains) MONG211146
MNS 0328:2000 Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash and ignition points in open crucible MONG211155
MNS AASHTO 100:2003 Determine the density of the solid particles MONG211159
MNS GOST 12329:2012 Petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents. Method for determination of aniline point and aromatic hydrocarbons MONG211195
MNS 5013:2009 Petrol engine vehicle. Maximum acceptable level and measuring method of exhaust emission MONG211227
MNS 4230:2005 Protein milk products. General technical requirements MONG211244
MNS ISO 5667-14:2000 Water quality. Sampling. Part 14: Guidance on quality assurance of environmental water sampling and handling MONG211251
MNS 0324:2010 Petroleum products. Method of test for water-soluble acids and alkalis MONG211252
MNS 3501:2010 Petroleum products. Determination of ash MONG211253
MNS 0336:2010 Petroleum products. Determination of carbon residue. Conradson method MONG211256
MNS GOST 29040:2008 Gasoline. Method of determination for benzene and total aromatics MONG211257
MNS 4757:1999 Technical issues. Determination of resistance to window insulation. MONG211277
MNS 3291:1991 Determination of chromium with valence III and VI in the air MONG211300
MNS 0135:1982 Coniferous and broad leaved sawn timber materials. Inspection of quality by selected MONG211302
MNS 3881:1986 Coniferous and broad-leaved sawn timber materials. Determination of volume and linear dimensions MONG211303
MNS OECD 004:2007 Principles of corporate governance MONG211323
MNS ISO GUI 43 1:2001 Interlaboratory comparisons for assessing laboratory competence MONG211330
MNS DIN 68365:2014 Lumber for carpentry work. Appearance grading softwood MONG211353
MNS 2475:1983 Wood. Determination of radial and tangential swelling MONG211355
MNS 5640:2006 Numbering format of telecommunication network and general requirements MONG211367
MNS 3290:1991 Determination of mercury vapor in the air MONG211396
MNS ISO 5667-13:2000 Water quality. Sampling. Part 13: guidance on sampling of sludge from sewage and water-treatment works MONG211431
MNS ISO 404:2003 Steel and steel products-General technical delivery requirements MONG211487
MNS ISO 4225:2001 Air quality. General aspects. Vocabulary MONG211516
MNS 3504:1983 Determination of ammonia of milk MONG211563
MNS ISO Gui 32:2001 Metrology and measurement. Physical quantities. Application of analytical chemistry calibration and standardization MONG211571
MNS 6061:2010 Disclosure standard for initial public offering MONG211583
MNS 3886:1986 Wood. Test methods for research. General requirement MONG211590
MNS 6519:2015 0.4-35 kV voltage cables. General requirements for construction MONG211593
MNS 6518:2015 The 22 kV voltage line from 0.4 kV to 22 kV. Requirements for construction MONG211599
MNS 6526:2015 Automated system for data collection and measurement of electricity. Requirements for construction MONG211600
MNS 6521:2015 35 kV or more voltage sub-station. Basic requirements for construction MONG211601
MNS 6522:2015 35-750 kV voltage power supply. Requirements for construction MONG211602
MNS 6520:2015 0.4-22 kW. the sub-station of the voltage distribution network. Basic requirements for construction MONG211605
MNS 6524:2015 Capacity adjusting power and voltage and facilities for managing imaginary power. Requirements for construction MONG211607
MNS 6523:2015 Automated system for power management. Requirements for construction MONG211610
MNS ISO Gui 35:2005 Accreditation of reference materials - General and statistical principles MONG211611

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