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MNS 5382-6:2004 International postal service. Part 6: Postal bag MONG210348
MNS 5381-9:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 9: Preparation of post for transportation, exchange and transportation MONG210830
MNS 5381-8:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 8: Military post MONG210831
MNS 5381-10:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 10: Receiving and opening of postal items MONG210860
MNS 5380-3:2004 Postal applications. Part 3: The closing of postal bag MONG211281
MNS 5380-1:2004 Postal applications. Part1: Postal stamp MONG211282
MNS 5541-3:2005 Exchange of information between postal operator‘s. Part 3: The registration of postal items and information MONG211362
MNS 5541-1:2005 Exchange of information between postal operators. Part 1: Registration of information of the postal items in electronic database MONG211363
MNS 5382-5:2004 International postal service. Part 5: -M sacs MONG211368
MNS 5382-2:2004 International postal service. Part 2: Letter post MONG211369
MNS 5382-1:2004 International postal service. Part 1: Express mail service MONG211370
MNS 5382-7:2004 International postal service. Part 7: Value declared letter and packet MONG211371
MNS 5382-8:2004 International postal service. Part 8: Value declared parcel MONG211372
MNS 5382-3:2004 International postal service. Part1:Parcel post MONG211373
MNS 5382-4:2004 International postal service. Part 4: Packet MONG211374
MNS 5380-2:2004 Postal applications. Part2: Postal forms MONG211375
MNS 5541-4:2005 Exchange of information between postal operator‘s. Part 4: Track and tracing of postal items MONG212886
MNS 6275:2016 Unified addressing. The address text requirements MONG214065
MNS 5971:2009 Postal address MONG214066
MNS 5970:2009 Postal logistic service MONG214067
MNS 6356:2012 The information, communication, postal mobile office MONG214096
MNS 5880:2008 Unified postal code format. General requirements MONG214236
MNS 5972:2009 Postal stamp storage and protecting requirements MONG214237
MNS 5978:2014 Postal box MONG214238
MNS 6364:2013 Secure electronic postal services interface specification MONG214239
MNS 5541-2:2005 Exchange of information between postal operator‘s. Part 2: Electronic information MONG215353
MNS 5540:2005 Postal workstation MONG215354
MNS 5539:2005 Postal security MONG215784
MNS 5381-7:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 7: Postal consignment service MONG216076
MNS 5381-1:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 1: Addressing of items MONG216090
MNS 5381-2:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 2: Ordinary and registered letter, postcard and packet MONG216091
MNS 5381-3:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 3. Value declared letter and packet MONG216092
MNS 5381-4:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 4. Parcel MONG216093
MNS 5381-5:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 5. Special purpose post MONG216094
MNS 5381-6:2004 Domestic postal service. Part 6: Cash-on-delivery postal items MONG216095
MNS 5381-11:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 11: Keeping or warehousing, returning and forwarding a postal items MONG219912
MNS 5381-12:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 12: Non delivered postal items MONG219913
MNS 5381-13:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 13: Advice of receipt postal items MONG219914

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