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MNS 4742:1999 Glue. Analysis method MONG210345
MNS GOST 20907:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG210349
MNS 4741:1999 Glue. Specification MONG211218
MNS 1023:2007 Edible viscera and offal, including products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG211243
MNS 5795:2007 Determination of method for casein glue powder MONG211347
MNS 5794:2007 Casein glue powder. Technical requirements MONG211348
MNS 4744:1999 Candle. Analytical method NS 5445: 2005 3 p. Determination of the formaldehyde in products NS 5446: 2005 3 p. Determination of the formaldehyde in polymer toy MONG211403
MNS 2541:1978 Method of determination for specific weigh, solidity MONG212022
MNS 0524:1987 Method of determination for sulfur oil content MONG212257
MNS 2540:1978 Method of determination for softened temperature of thermoplastic glue MONG212577
MNS 2535:1978 Test method of dispersion and organic dissolvent glue MONG212578
MNS 0128:1989 Chute MONG212616
MNS GOST 14231:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG212743
MNS 0341:1988 Mongolian lock MONG212891
MNS 1016:1984 Hand-power press for wood MONG212941
MNS 3377:1982 Method of determination for plasticity, solidity MONG213049
MNS 3984:1987 Stamp paint-oil MONG213120
MNS 4213:1994 Liquid casein glue MONG213147
MNS 2208:1985 Lock box. General requirements for chemical analyses MONG213183
MNS 0299:1984 Mortar and pestle MONG213353
MNS 0502:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted beef small intestine MONG213410
MNS 5796:2007 Method for determination of Urea. Formaldehyde resins MONG213416
MNS 1816:1962 Gastritis. "Black-tailed caterpillars MONG213451
MNS 0757:1980 Cleaned and salted small intestine of horse MONG213461
MNS 757:1980 The intestine developed by the horse MONG213462
MNS 1815:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted bungs of sheet and goat MONG213484
MNS 1935:1974 Test method for bone glue MONG213622
MNS 2537:1978 Method of determination for rubber torn quantity MONG213856
MNS 2536:1978 Method of determination Order of accept to repairs of automobile rubber wheel. Technical requirement MONG213876
MNS 0905:1973 Casing. Cleaned and salted beef bungs MONG213894
MNS 2973:1980 Cleaned and salted small intestine of pig MONG213900
MNS 0317:1987 Method of determining the effectiveness of softening agents and solvents MONG214352
MNS 5445:2005 Determination of formaldehyde for products MONG214466
MNS 5447:2005 Determination of paint stability in toy made from the cotton, pelt and polymer materials MONG214469
MNS 0061:1998 Sheep and goat raw casing MONG214470
MNS 5792:2007 Hide glue. Technical requirements MONG215048
MNS 5793:2007 Determination of method for hide glue MONG215049
MNS 5688:2006 Pet food. General technical requirements MONG215221
MNS 5687:2006 Dried edible offal. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215246
MNS 5755:2007 Livestock protein product. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215310
MNS 5446:2005 Determination of formaldehyde in synthetic polymer toys MONG215374
MNS 5797:2007 Method for determination of phenol formaldehyde resins liquid MONG215617
MNS 4743:1999 Candle. Technical requirement MONG216391

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