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GOST ISO/TS 27527-2013 Health informatics. Provider identification RUSS74168
MNS 5912:2008 -Amin tun preparation. Technical requirement MONG210340
MNS 5909:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal -1 Technical requirement MONG210342
MNS 5910:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal-2. Technical requirement MONG210343
MNS 5911:2008 Preparation for strengthening animal -3. Technical requirement MONG210344
MNS 6603-1:2016 The "Edita-17" liquid disinfectant. General technical requirements MONG210476
MNS 6603-2:2016 The "Edita-19" liquid disinfectant. General technical requirements MONG210477
MNS 6471:2014 Analytical method of germplasm MONG210499
MNS 5517:2005 Acritract Technical requirement MONG210515
MNS 5516:2005 Preparation row materials of medicine from Deracanthina. Technical requirement MONG210517
MNS 5505:2005 Preparation of vitamin-mineral-protein mixture. Technical requirement MONG210519
MNS 5515:2005 Immune serum prevention of poisoning animals by Astragalus variabillus. Technical requirement MONG210520
MNS 5504:2005 Positive serum of hemagglutination incubation test for diagnosis Avian Newcastle disease. Technical requirement MONG210522
MNS 5503:2005 Hemaglutination test antigen for diagnosis Avian Newcastle disease. Technical requirement MONG210523
MNS 5767-4:2007 Pollen obtained from Hordeum brevisubulatum flower anther MONG210626
MNS 5767-5:2007 Pollen obtained from Poa pratensis flower anther MONG210633
MNS 5770:2007 Biopreparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Short subulate barley, Kentucky bluegrass, Crested wheatgrass and Smooth bluegrass MONG210636
MNS 5768:2007 Bio preparation. Specific diagnostic test in 3 % solution allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from Siever's Wormwood, largehead Wormwood Lambsquarteris MONG210637
MNS 5769:2007 Bio preparation. 3 % specific solution of diagnostic test allergen of pollen allergy, obtained from False Pendrous willow, Lauroleaf Poplar and Asian white Birch-Betula MONG210638
MNS 5767-6:2007 Pollen obtained from Agropyron cristatum flower anther MONG210639
MNS 5767-1:2007 Pollen obtained from Artemisia sieversiana flower anther MONG210640
MNS 5767-7:2007 Pollen obtained from Bromopsis inermis flower anther MONG210641
MNS 5767-8:2007 Pollen obtained from Salix pseudopentandra flower anther MONG210649
MNS 5813:2007 Method of determination of Trichinella in horse meat and pork MONG210667
MNS 5812:2007 Method for detection of cysticercus in beef and pork MONG210696
MNS 4998:2000 Medical raw materials. Artemisia santolinifolia Turcz. Ex Bess MONG210698
MNS 4903:1999 Achillo 200 mg capsules MONG210705
MNS 0724:2003 Vaccinum antirabicum. Technical requirement MONG210709
MNS 5484:2005 Inside hospital of infections. Air Quality: Method of identify and counting bacteria MONG210832
MNS 5767-2:2007 Pollen obtained from Largehead wormwood flower anther MONG210838
MNS 4172:1990 Medical pectin MONG210848
MNS 5767-10:2007 Pollen obtained from Populus laurifolia flower anther MONG210863
MNS 5767-9:2007 Pollen obtained from Betula platyphylla flower anther MONG210864
MNS 5767-3:2007 Pollen obtained from Chenopodium album flower anther MONG210865
MNS 5456-18:2005 Health Protection Technology-Technical Requirements for Diagnostic Laboratory Labs MONG210895
MNS 5456-12:2005 Health Protection Technology - Technical Requirements for Dental Laboratory Diagnostics MONG210896
MNS 6065:2010 Veterinary medicine. The protein antigen of ELISA for the diagnostic of contagious galactic in sheep and goats. Technical requirement MONG210898
MNS 6085:2010 Veterinary medicine. Polyvaccine against swine colibacteriosis and salmonellosis MONG210904
MNS 5424:2005 The conjugate for diagnosis of camel infectious disease with ELISA. Technical requirement MONG210911
MNS 6194:2010 Positive control serum of HI test for diagnosis of disease animal influenza. Technical requirement MONG210912
MNS 6193:2010 Antigen of HI test for diagnosis of disease animal influenza. Technical requirement MONG210913
MNS 5558:2005 Gammaglobulin. Technical requirement MONG210914
MNS 6080:2010 Veterinary. Immuno fluorescentil G (immunoglobulin) for diagnosis bovine tuberculosis. Technical requirement MONG210919
MNS 2003:2005 Pasterelliosis antiserum. Technical requirement MONG210922
MNS 6073:2010 Veterinary. Nested PCR method for diagnostics of equine babesiosis caused by(B. equi) MONG210930
MNS 6176:2010 Veterinary medicine. Differentiation of (B. anthracis) strains by multiple-locus (VNTR-PCR) method MONG210931
MNS 6175:2010 PCR method of horse‘s parentage test by microsatellite sequence repeats MONG210935
MNS 5368-2:2011 Structure and activity of veterinary service units. General requirement MONG210937
MNS 5368-1:2011 Structure and activity of veterinary service and breeding units. General requirement MONG210938
MNS 5368-3:2011 Structure and activity of breeding service units. General requirement MONG210940
MNS 2006:2006 Veterinary medicine. Inactivated vaccine against salmonellosis in calves. Technical requirements MONG210948
MNS 2463:2006 Inactivated vaccine against enzootic abortion of ovine chlamydiosis (embryonated chicken eggs). Technical requirement MONG210949
MNS 3820:2006 Inactivated vaccine against colibacteriosis and salmonellosis in sheep and goats. Technical requirements MONG210950
MNS 2004:2006 Veterinary medicine. Live vaccine against avian Newcastle disease. Technical requirement MONG210953
MNS 5456-16:2005 Health Protection Technologies-Technical Requirements for Diagnostic Laboratories for Anthology MONG210955
MNS 5497:2005 Antigen of Agar Gel Immunodiffusion (AGID) test for diagnosis of equine infectious anemia. Technical requirement MONG210958
MNS 5496:2005 Positive serum for ELISA of Equine herpesvirus- I. Technical requirement MONG210960
MNS 5495:2005 Antigen for ELISA of Equine herpesvirus- I. Technical requirement MONG210961
MNS 2263:2005 Positive serum for agglutination test for diagnosis of Salmonellosis. Technical requirement MONG210962
MNS 2264:2005 Agglutination test antigen for diagnosis of Salmonellosis. Technical requirement MONG210963
MNS 2262:2005 Complement fixation test antigen for diagnosis of Glanders. Technical requirement MONG210964
MNS 2464:2006 Antigen for diagnosis of enzootic abortion ovine. Technical requirement MONG210967
MNS 5556:2005 Antiserum for Askoli test. Technical requirement MONG211201
MNS 5144:2002 Sterilize and disinfection preparation. KILLSA. Technical requirements MONG211240
MNS 4938:2000 Ascoli test antigen MONG211249
MNS 4935:2008 Veterinary medicine. Laevomycetin suppository MONG211334
MNS 5545:2005 Structure and activity of veterinary pharmacy MONG211335
MNS 6504:2015 Surgical electric knife blade no. General requirements MONG211399
MNS 5997:2009 Pentaphylloides fruticose flower and leaf MONG211573
MNS 4208:1994 Badglumicitin 0.5 g Tablets MONG211616
MNS 4199:1994 Granules MONG211618
MNS 4173:1990 Trimexazol MONG211688
MNS 6083:2010 Veterinary medicine. antigen of agar gel immunodiffusion test for diagnosis Hemorrhagic septicemia. Technical requirement MONG211735
MNS 5395:2004 -Aspirin 100 Tablets. Technical requirements MONG211758
MNS 5896:2008 Preparation for Geranium pseudosibiricum J. Mayer. Technical requirement MONG211816
MNS 0871:1967 Ointment of sulfur 33% MONG211830
MNS 5897:2008 Raw materials of medicine. Oxytropis Tragacanthoides Fisch. Technical requirement MONG211851
MNS 4398:1996 Method for diagnose of Rabies MONG211979
MNS 2859:1983 Gold extract 2: 1 extract MONG211986
MNS 3456:1983 Ext. Stellariae dichotomae MONG212001
MNS 2967:1980 Semen glycyrrhizin MONG212036
MNS 3568:1983 Radix Rhodiolae MONG212037
MNS 3567:1983 Folium pini MONG212038
MNS 5099:2001 Nefromon. Technical requirements MONG212063
MNS 4923:2000 Laccifer lacca Kerr (Coccideae) MONG212070
MNS 3098:1989 Chygatussin‖ MONG212072
MNS 4309:1996 Radix Malva mochleviensidis Dawnar MONG212077
MNS 4451:1997 Altpant MONG212078
MNS 5900:2008 Baragmin preparation. Technical requirement MONG212079
MNS 5899:2008 Preparation Golio. Technical requirement MONG212080
MNS 4590:1998 Elixir Dentamoni MONG212081
MNS 5901:2008 Caldimag-G preparation. Technical requirement MONG212083
MNS 5100:2001 Salmon. Technical requirements MONG212084
MNS 2905:1980 Ar Girmen 0.3 Tablets MONG212090
MNS 6288:2011 Medicine. Vicasol 0,015 g tablets General requirements MONG212146
MNS 5425:2005 Formol vaccine for prevention equine and camel influenza MONG212197
MNS 4394:1996 Methods for detecting of the strangles 'agent MONG212201
MNS 6022:2009 ELISA control antigen for diagnosis of Equine infectious anemia. Technical requirement MONG212202
MNS 4927:2000 Detect method of agent of equine epizootic lymphangitis MONG212203
MNS 5722:2007 ELISA antigen for diagnose horse glanders. Technical requirement MONG212204

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