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MNS 5382-5:2004 International postal service. Part 5: -M sacs MONG211368
MNS 5382-2:2004 International postal service. Part 2: Letter post MONG211369
MNS 5382-1:2004 International postal service. Part 1: Express mail service MONG211370
MNS 5382-7:2004 International postal service. Part 7: Value declared letter and packet MONG211371
MNS 5382-8:2004 International postal service. Part 8: Value declared parcel MONG211372
MNS 5382-3:2004 International postal service. Part1:Parcel post MONG211373
MNS 5382-4:2004 International postal service. Part 4: Packet MONG211374
MNS 5380-2:2004 Postal applications. Part2: Postal forms MONG211375
MNS IPSAS 22:2013 Disclosure of financial information about the general government sector MONG211417
MNS IPSAS 10:2013 Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies MONG211418
MNS IPSAS 31:2013 Intangible assets MONG211419
MNS IPSAS 9:2012 Revenue from Exchange Transactions MONG211420
MNS IPSAS 4:2012 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates MONG211421
MNS IPSAS 24:2013 Presentation of budget information in financial statements MONG211422
MNS IPSAS 23:2013 Revenue from non-exchange transactions (taxes and transfers) MONG211423
MNS IAS 16:2011 Property, planet end equipment MONG211424
MNS ISO/IEC 17011:2005 Conformity assessment. General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies MONG211427
MNS ISO 14015:2002 Environmental management. Environmental assessment of sites and organization (EASO) MONG211445
MNS ISO 14031:2001 Environmental management-Environmental performance evaluation. Guidelines MONG211461
MNS ISO 50001:2014 Energy management systems. Requirements with guidance for use MONG211521
MNS ISO 17000:2005 Conformity assessment - Vocabulary, general principles MONG211522
MNS ISO/IEC 17020:2013 Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection MONG211525
MNS ISO 19011:2016 Guidelines for quality and/or. environmental management system auditing MONG211534
MNS ISO 22005:2008 Traceability in the feed and food chain. General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation MONG211536
MNS ISO IEC 2:2006 International Standards and Rules of Procedure MONG211545
MNS ISO 7811-2:2005 Identification cards - Recording methods - Part 2: Magnetic strips - Soft magnetic MONG211546
MNS ISO 7811-6:2005 Identification card - Recording method - Part 6: Magnetic stripe - Hard magnetic MONG211547
MNS ISO 7812-2:2005 Identification card - Identification of the issuer - Part 2: Application and registration MONG211548
MNS IAS 18:2012 Revenue MONG211565
MNS IPSAS 27:2013 Agriculture MONG211566
MNS IPSAS 28:2013 Financial instruments: Presentation MONG211567
MNS IPSAS 26:2013 Impairment of cash-generating assets MONG211568
MNS IPSAS 21 :2013 Impairment of non-cash-generating assets MONG211569
MNS IAS 17:2011 Leases MONG211582
MNS 6061:2010 Disclosure standard for initial public offering MONG211583
MNS 5565:2005 General requirements for production and services of precious metals and gem MONG211589
MNS 6540:2015 Common requirements for child viewing services MONG211614
MNS ISO IEC 1:2006 Procedures for technical work MONG211653
MNS ISO 22003:2008 Food safety management systems. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems MONG211657
MNS 6426:2013 General requirement for eco-tourism accommodation and service in special protected area MONG211680
MNS 6568-1:2015 Occupational standards for road and road workers. Part 1: General requirements MONG211745
MNS ISO IEC 22000:2007 Food safety management system - Requirements for any organization within the food chain MONG211749
MNS 6620:2016 Requirements for the Employment Service Provider MONG211761
MNS 5401:2004 Public sectors accounting. Terms and definitions MONG211766
MNS 6592:2016 Payment of road charges. General requirements MONG211767
MNS 5798:2016 Consumer Services - Common requirements for caregiving services MONG211800
MNS OHSAS 18001:2012 Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements MONG211803
MNS IAS 41:2014 Agriculture MONG211804
MNS 6542:2015 Sports requirements and training requirements MONG211807
MNS 6419:2013 Structure and operation of the Rehabilitation and Development Center for Children and general requirements for services MONG211823
MNS ISO 5725-4:2006 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 4Basic method for the determination of trueness of a standard measurement method MONG211836
MNS IAS 29:2013 Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies MONG211848
MNS ISO 10015:2003 Quality management. Guidelines for training MONG211891
MNS ISO 10007:2005 Quality management systems. Guidelines for configuration management MONG211932
MNS ISO 31010:2011 Risk management. Risk management techniques MONG212149
MNS 0194:1989 Automatic system for management. Terms and definitions MONG212184
MNS 2359:1977 Product quality. Acceptance statistical inspection based on percentage of lots accepted by first inspection MONG212238
MNS 5999:2009 Maintenance on household appliances. General requirements MONG212288
MNS ISO 14050 0:2003 Environmental management (management) - Vocabulary MONG212310
MNS ISO 14040:2001 Environmental management. Life cycle assessment. (LCA). Principles and framework MONG212428
MNS 5567:2006 Requirements for decorative cosmetics service MONG212549
MNS 3189:1981 Statistical accept inspection of quality by attributes. Plans of consequence control MONG212597
MNS 4588:2008 Hotel. General requirements MONG212680
MNS 5927:2008 Hotel service class of quality and basic requirements MONG212681
MNS 5538:2005 Fitness and Bodybuilding facilities. Uniform requirements MONG212880
MNS 6000:2009 Ski resort and skating rink services. General requirements MONG212885
MNS 5541-4:2005 Exchange of information between postal operator‘s. Part 4: Track and tracing of postal items MONG212886
MNS 5523:2013 Service for consumers. Freight forwarding General requirements MONG213022
MNS ISO Gui 67:2004 Conformity assessment - The main issue of product certification MONG213026
MNS IPSAS 3:2008 Net surplus or deficit for the period, fundamental errors and changes in accounting policies MONG213056
MNS 3093:1981 Type of control process MONG213146
MNS 2023:1974 Leather for sole. Testing MONG213201
MNS 3188:1981 Statistical accept inspection by attributes. General rules and control plans MONG213249
MNS 2668:1979 Structure of general and additional list of price, their unified elements MONG213295
MNS IPSAS 17:2007 Property, plant and equipment MONG213380
MNS 5160:2002 Barbershop service MONG213397
MNS 2871:1980 Product quality. Continual statistical accept inspection by attributes MONG213644
MNS 5164:2010 Sauna. General requirements MONG213677
MNS ISO 10005:1997 Quality management. Guidelines for quality plans MONG213714
MNS 4250:1995 Postal envelope. Terms. Classification, Measurement MONG213776
MNS 4250-95 Correspondence envelopes. Terms. Classification and dimension MONG213777
MNS 3963:2014 Correspondence envelopes. Designation and sizes. Technical requirement MONG213778
MNS 3465:1983 Acceptance statistical inspection by variables MONG213787
MNS 3461:1983 Applied statistics. Equal estranged unexpected number MONG213788
MNS 3464:1983 Statistical process control using control charts of average series run MONG213789
MNS 5604:2006 Structure of the therapeutic cosmetology unit MONG213794
MNS ISO/IEC 66:2003 Environmental management / management / system (EMP) assessment, general requirements for certification / registration MONG214043
MNS ISO/IEC 7:2002 Guidelines for the drafting of standards for conformity assessment MONG214048
MNS 3922:2001 Postal bag MONG214064
MNS 6275:2016 Unified addressing. The address text requirements MONG214065
MNS 5971:2009 Postal address MONG214066
MNS 5970:2009 Postal logistic service MONG214067
MNS 4600:1998 National conformity mark. Form, sizes and technical requirements MONG214077
MNS 6367:2013 Quality mark. Form, sizes and technical requirements MONG214079
MNS 4978:2000 Dangerous goods. Classification. General technical requirements MONG214085
MNS 6356:2012 The information, communication, postal mobile office MONG214096
MNS 5112:2002 Post office box MONG214098
MNS 5111:2006 Post box for address delivery MONG214099
MNS 515:1989 Postal Union. Definition MONG214234
MNS 0515:2015 Postal service. Terms and definitions MONG214235

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