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OST 32.50-95 Designing, manufacturing, installation and testing of electrical equipment for the diesel-electric rolling stock. Technical requirements RUSS21374
GOST R 54505-2011 Functional safety. Risk management on railway transport RUSS21428
GOST 8.612-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Management and procedure of internal metrological surveillance of the enterprises with hazardous industrial objects RUSS60457
GOST R 54145-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. General methodology RUSS68345
GOST R 55622-2013 Complex security systems. Hydraulic gun carriage trunks with Remote control. General technical requirements RUSS69377
GOST R 50776-95 Alarm systems. Part 1. General requirements. Section 4. Code of practice RUSS70979
GOST R 51901.12-2007 Risk management. Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis RUSS71911
GOST R ISO 14063-2007 Environmental management. Environmental communication. Guidelines and examples RUSS71583
GOST R 52600.0-2006 Protocols for patient's management. General RUSS71051
GOST R ISO 9001-2008 Quality management systems. Requirements RUSS70637
GOST R ISO 15531-1-2008 Industrial automation systems and integration. Industrial manufacturing management data. Part 1. General overview RUSS70226
MNS IFRS 7:2010 Financial instruments MONG210346
MNS 5382-6:2004 International postal service. Part 6: Postal bag MONG210348
MNS IPSAS 18:2012 Segment reporting MONG210353
MNS IPSAS 19:2012 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets MONG210354
MNS IPSAS 15:2012 Financial instruments: Disclosure and presentation MONG210355
MNS IPSAS 8:2008 Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures MONG210356
MNS IPSAS 6:2008 Consolidated financial statements and accounting for controlled entities MONG210357
MNS IPSAS 7:2008 Accounting for investments in associates MONG210358
MNS ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories MONG210366
MNS ISO/IEC 17040:2007 Conformity assessment. General requirements for peer assessment of conformity assessment bodies and accreditation bodies NS ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 96 p. Conformity assessment. General requirements for proficiency testing MONG210369
MNS ISO /IEC 17050-1:2005 Conformity assessment. Supplier‘s declaration of conformity. Part 1: General requirements MONG210397
MNS ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016 Conformity assessment. Requirements for an organization's audit and certification body. Part 1: Requirements MONG210416
MNS ISO 9004:2016 Quality management systems- Guidelines for performance improvements MONG210454
MNS ISO 9001:2016 Quality management systems-Requirements MONG210456
MNS 5021:2007 Trade center and its service. General requirements MONG210480
GOST R 43.0.7-2011 Informational ensuring of equipment and operational activity. Hybrid intellectualized man - information interaction. General principles RUSS70213
GOST R 54144-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. Incident identification RUSS70011
GOST 28911-91 Lifts and service lifts. Control devices, signals and additional fittings RUSS69872
MNS IAS 7:2010 Statement of cash flows MONG210512
MNS IFRS 1:2010 First time adoption of international financial reporting standards MONG210513
MNS 5409:2004 Travel, tourism and accommodation type. General terminology of travel, tourism and accommodation type MONG210516
MNS 5375:2004 Photo service. General requirements MONG210521
MNS IPSAS 2:2004 Cash flow statement MONG210525
MNS IPSAS 1:2004 Presentation of financial statements MONG210527
MNS IAS 31:2016 Interests in joint ventures MONG210542
MNS IAS 27:2016 Consolidated and separate financial statements MONG210543
MNS IAS 28:2016 Investments in associates MONG210564
GOST R ISO 29990-2012 Learning services for non-formal education and training. Basic requirements for service providers RUSS69452
GOST R ISO 31000-2010 Risk management. Principles and guidelines RUSS69396
GOST R ISO/TR 10013-2007 Organization management. Guidelines for quality management system documentation RUSS68928
MNS ISO 5725-6:2009 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 6: Use in practice of accuracy values MONG210624
GOST R ISO 10005-2007 Enterprise management. Guidelines for quality plans RUSS68846
GOST R ISO 10002-2007 Organization management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations RUSS68845
MNS 4958:2000 Service and grading health resort, sanatorium and nursing home MONG210668
MNS 5275:2003 Shoe repair service. General requirements MONG210678
MNS 6043:2009 Basic requirements for resort, tour camp and gym camp MONG210741
MNS 5824:2007 Classification and types of tourist accommodation and basic requirement MONG210815
MNS 5163:2002 Bath. General requirements MONG210819
MNS 6228-1:2010 Qualification standard for construction work and professional workers. General requirements MONG210826
MNS 5381-9:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 9: Preparation of post for transportation, exchange and transportation MONG210830
MNS 5381-8:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 8: Military post MONG210831
MNS 5381-10:2005 Domestic postal service. Part 10: Receiving and opening of postal items MONG210860
MNS 5161-3:2002 Disinfection and extermination for being insect and rodent. Part 3. Service MONG210970
MNS ISO 16269-7:2005 Statistical interpretation of data Part 7: Median. Estimation and confidence intervals MONG211123
MNS ISO 5725-5:2008 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 5: Alternative methods for the determination of the precision of a standard measurement method MONG211137
MNS ISO 5725-3:2006 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement method and results- Part 3: Intermediate measures of the precision of a standard measurement method MONG211138
MNS ISO 5725-1:2006 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 1: General principles and definitions MONG211139
MNS ISO /IEC 17050-2:2005 Conformity assessment-Supplier‘s declaration of conformity. Part 2: Supporting documentation MONG211148
GOST R ISO 10001-2009 Quality management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations RUSS68381
MNS IAS 21:2012 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates MONG211163
MNS IAS 1:2010 Presentation of financial statement MONG211164
GOST R 52549-2006 Quality and safety management system in manufacturing of electric equipment RUSS68312
GOST R 52600.2-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Complete adentia RUSS67816
GOST R 51901.14-2005 Risk management. Reliability block diagram method RUSS67804
GOST R ISO 10019-2007 Organization management. Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services RUSS65571
MNS 5420-6:2004 Education. Biology General Education Part 6 MONG211229
MNS 5420-4:2004 Education. Basic Education Part 4 MONG211237
MNS 5380-3:2004 Postal applications. Part 3: The closing of postal bag MONG211281
MNS 5380-1:2004 Postal applications. Part1: Postal stamp MONG211282
GOST R ISO 10015-2007 Enterprise management. Guidelines for training RUSS65570
MNS CAC /GL 19:2007 Principles and guidelines for the exchange of information in food safety emergency situation MONG211306
MNS ISO 3534-2:1998 Statistics. Vocabulary and symbols. Part 2: Statistical quality control MONG211309
MNS IPSAS 22:2013 Disclosure of financial information about the general government sector MONG211417
MNS IPSAS 10:2013 Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies MONG211418
MNS IPSAS 31:2013 Intangible assets MONG211419
MNS IPSAS 9:2012 Revenue from Exchange Transactions MONG211420
MNS IPSAS 4:2012 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates MONG211421
MNS IPSAS 24:2013 Presentation of budget information in financial statements MONG211422
MNS IPSAS 23:2013 Revenue from non-exchange transactions (taxes and transfers) MONG211423
GOST R 52999.2-2009 Cardiac valve prostheses. Part 2. Risk management RUSS63021
MNS ISO/IEC 17011:2005 Conformity assessment. General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies MONG211427
MNS ISO 14015:2002 Environmental management. Environmental assessment of sites and organization (EASO) MONG211445
MNS ISO 14031:2001 Environmental management-Environmental performance evaluation. Guidelines MONG211461
GOST R 27.001-2009 Dependability in technics. Dependability management system. Basic principles RUSS60728
MNS ISO/IEC 17020:2013 Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection MONG211525
MNS ISO 19011:2016 Guidelines for quality and/or. environmental management system auditing MONG211534
MNS ISO 22005:2008 Traceability in the feed and food chain. General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation MONG211536
MNS IAS 18:2012 Revenue MONG211565
MNS IPSAS 27:2013 Agriculture MONG211566
MNS IPSAS 28:2013 Financial instruments: Presentation MONG211567
MNS IPSAS 26:2013 Impairment of cash-generating assets MONG211568
MNS IPSAS 21 :2013 Impairment of non-cash-generating assets MONG211569
MNS 6568-1:2015 Occupational standards for road and road workers. Part 1: General requirements MONG211745
MNS 6620:2016 Requirements for the Employment Service Provider MONG211761
MNS 5401:2004 Public sectors accounting. Terms and definitions MONG211766
MNS 6592:2016 Payment of road charges. General requirements MONG211767
MNS OHSAS 18001:2012 Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements MONG211803
GOST R ISO 24512-2009 Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services. Guidelines for the management of drinking water utilities and for the assessment of drinking water services RUSS72577
MNS 6542:2015 Sports requirements and training requirements MONG211807

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