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BD 81-101-01 Methodical instructions on estimation of the scope of construction works MONG75137
BD 81-101-02 Methodological instruction to estimate ownership and operation cost of construction machinery MONG75138
BD 81-102-10 Sample norm for transportation means on construction site MONG75139
BD 81-103-13 Benchmark price for geodesy and cartography MONG75141
BD 81-105-10 Methodology of index calculation MONG75142
BD 81-105-11 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75143
BD 81-106-10 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75144
BD 81-106-11 Benchmark norm on design work for hydraulic construction MONG75145
BD 81-108-11 Regulation for using enlarged norm and benchmark assessment of construction budget MONG75146
BD 81-113-12 Methodology to calculate the budget norms for temporary buildings MONG75147
BD 81-114-12 Norm on budget for construction overhead expenses caused by cold weather MONG75148
BD 81-115-12 Overhead rate MONG75149
BD 81-116-12 Norms coverall and fixings MONG75150
BD 81-16-12 Benchmark price on design drawings MONG75152
BD 81-17-01 Benchmark price for geological survey for construction MONG75153
BNbD 81-20-04 Residential and public building lighting MONG75284
BNbD 81-30-04 Electrical transmission line work MONG75292
BNbD 81-30-12 Sample norm for labour consumption of connection of high speed communication optic cable MONG75293
BNbD 81-31-12 Sample norm for labour consumption of connection of communication, radio, and television facilities MONG75294
BNbD 81-38-04 Electrical connection work for industrial building construction MONG75299
BNbD 81-39-04 Automated equipment work MONG75300
BNbD 81-40-04 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75301
BNbD 81-40-04*/12 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75302
BNbD 81-92-11 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75325
BNbD 81-93-2 Building telecommunication connection work MONG75326
BNbD 81-94-12 Regulation on tariff settings for construction MONG75327
BNbD 81-95-12 Regulations to budget estimation for construction MONG75328
BNbD IV-13-95 The cost of environmental factors, their impact on budget estimation for construction MONG75377
MNS 4742:1999 Glue. Analysis method MONG210345
MNS GOST 20907:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG210349
MNS 5050-7:2001 Technical liquid ammonia. Part 7. Determination of carbon oxide (IV) mass percentage by titrimetric method MONG210975
MNS 4741:1999 Glue. Specification MONG211218
MNS 6415:2013 Armed forces, military classification uniforms, the type and size MONG211304
MNS 5795:2007 Determination of method for casein glue powder MONG211347
MNS 5794:2007 Casein glue powder. Technical requirements MONG211348
MNS 6343:2012 Uniforms of the National Emergency Management Agency. General Classifications, Types and Sizes MONG211364
MNS 4744:1999 Candle. Analytical method NS 5445: 2005 3 p. Determination of the formaldehyde in products NS 5446: 2005 3 p. Determination of the formaldehyde in polymer toy MONG211403
MNS 4908:2000 Technical drawings. Legend and size of the telephone network MONG211650
MNS 5284:2003 Determination method by quickly method of the soil moisture MONG211676
MNS 3170:1981 Soil. Determination method of laboratory to experiment of frozen soil by spherical stamp MONG211808
MNS 0176:1988 Footwear. Methods for obtaining laboratory samples and testing MONG212008
MNS 0076:2008 Felt boots. The test method MONG212013
MNS 2541:1978 Method of determination for specific weigh, solidity MONG212022
MNS 3388:1982 Determination method of pile resistance of soil MONG212030
MNS 4253:1995 Size designation, definition and body of boys and girls MONG212126
MNS 6340:2012 Technical requirement for infant‘s cloth in maternity house use MONG212220
MNS 0524:1987 Method of determination for sulfur oil content MONG212257
MNS 2306:1986 Field test. Method determination laboratory of grain size distribution of soils MONG212320
MNS 0078:1988 Footwear. Technical requirements MONG212445
MNS 2951:2007 Textiles. Method for sampling of animal fibers MONG212447
MNS 0379:2007 Textiles. Method for the determination of grease content of animal fibers by extraction process MONG212448
MNS 0215:2007 Textiles. Packing, marking, storing, transporting of animal fibers. Technical requirement MONG212450
MNS 3913:2007 Textiles. Method for the determination of coarse hair content of cashmere, yak and camel wool MONG212452
MNS 0380:2007 Textiles. Method for the determination of moisture content of animal fibers MONG212453
MNS 1000:2007 Textiles. Method for the determination of fiber diameter distribution MONG212456
MNS 2949:2008 Textiles. The method for determination of wool content MONG212463
MNS 3672:1984 Soil. Measuring method of deformations of foundation for constructions MONG212493
MNS 2540:1978 Method of determination for softened temperature of thermoplastic glue MONG212577
MNS 2535:1978 Test method of dispersion and organic dissolvent glue MONG212578
MNS 3263:2014 Classification of soils MONG212727
MNS 2105:2000 Specific weight of soils and construction materials MONG212729
MNS 4914:2000 Construction and building materials. The average density of base grounds soils MONG212730
MNS GOST 14231:2007 Urea. Formaldehyde resins. Technical requirements MONG212743
MNS ASTM D 2487:2004 Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Classification System) MONG212758
MNS 5641-1:2006 Codes for representation of administration and territorial units of Mongolia. Part 1: Aimags and capital MONG212903
MNS 5641-3:2006 Codes for representation of administration and territorial units of Mongolia. Part 3: Bags and subdistricts MONG212904
MNS 5641-0:2006 Codes for representation of administration and territorial units of Mongolia. Part 0: General principles MONG212905
MNS 5641-2:2006 Codes for representation of administration and territorial units of Mongolia. Part 2: Soums and districts MONG212906
MNS 4252:1995 Size designation, definition and body of grown up MONG212920
MNS 0491:2012 Infant‘s blanket. Technical requirement MONG212976
MNS 0098:1982 Footwear. Terms and definitions related to quality indicators MONG213016
MNS 3377:1982 Method of determination for plasticity, solidity MONG213049
MNS 2555:1978 Carbon gas in state of liquid and gas MONG213070
MNS 3984:1987 Stamp paint-oil MONG213120
MNS 1625:1972 Oxygen in state of gas MONG213141
MNS 4213:1994 Liquid casein glue MONG213147
MNS 2143:2000 Soils. Laboratory methods for determination of physical characteristics MONG213156
MNS 3674:1984 Field test method to determine the soil shearing strength in excavation MONG213161
MNS 3478:1983 UILDING Determination method of laboratory of compressibility MONG213167
MNS 3944:2000 Determination method of temperature in field soils MONG213175
MNS 2489:1986 Soil. Field test for determination of deformation index of soils MONG213209
MNS 3948:1986 Soil. Test method of field pile in permafrost MONG213219
MNS 0717:2011 Mongolian deer. Standard sizes MONG213259
MNS 0096:1982 Footwear. Terms and definitions MONG213287
MNS 2809:1994 Coding of country names and related entities MONG213293
MNS 2668:1979 Structure of general and additional list of price, their unified elements MONG213295
MNS 3853:2000 Testing of thermal insulating determination of water vapor permeability of building and insulating materials MONG213342
MNS 5796:2007 Method for determination of Urea. Formaldehyde resins MONG213416
MNS 0330:1986 Bed sheet MONG213495
MNS 1715:1980 Aluminum oxide -General requirements for chemical analyses MONG213516
MNS CAC 106:2007 Codex general standard for irradiated foods MONG213582
MNS 1935:1974 Test method for bone glue MONG213622
MNS 3918:1986 Pure wool and half pure wool of neckerchief MONG213703
MNS 1903:1973 Fur overcoat for military use MONG213708
MNS 6354:2012 Mattress for kindergarten‘s use. Technical specification MONG213711
MNS 6353:2012 Blanket and sheets for children‘s use. Technical requirement MONG213712
MNS 3075:1981 Soil. Test methods of laboratory for determination of subsidence MONG213729
MNS 2556:1978 Method of research of liquid carbon acid MONG213752
MNS 1626:1972 Liquid oxygen. Technical requirement MONG213753
MNS 2537:1978 Method of determination for rubber torn quantity MONG213856

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