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GOST 22667-82 Combustible natural gases. Methods to calculate calorific value, specific gravity and Wobbe index RUSS15628
GOST 22387.4-77 Gas for households and public utilities. Method of determining of tar and dust content RUSS15669
GOST 22387.5-77 Gas for households and public utilities. Methods of determining of odor intensity RUSS15870
GOST 20448-90 Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases for domestic use. Specifications RUSS16880
GOST 27578-87 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for motor transport gases RUSS17653
GOST 21443-75 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for export RUSS19295
GOST 25578-83 Gauges for Edison's round thread. Main dimensions RUSS48077
GOST ISO 8216-3-2013 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F).Classification. Part 3. Family L (liquefied petroleum gases) RUSS48429
GOST ISO 8819-2013 Liquefied petroleum gases. Detection of hydrogen sulphide. Lead acetate method RUSS51287
GOST 10679-76 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Method for determination of the hydrocarbon compound RUSS52127
GOST 22986-78 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Method for determination of total sulphur RUSS52264
GOST ISO 8973-2013 Liquefied petroleum gases. Calculation of density and saturated vapour pressure RUSS54494
GOST 28656-90 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Calculation method for density and saturated vapours pressure RUSS55199
GOST 23781-87 Natural combustible gases. Chromatographic method for determination of component composition RUSS56793
GOST ISO 3993-2013 Liquefied petroleum gases and light hydrocarbons. Determination of density or relative density. Pressure hydrometer method RUSS57288
GOST ISO 20884-2012 Automotive fuels. Method for determination of sulphur content by wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry RUSS59315
GOST ISO 4257-2013 Liquefied petroleum gases. Method of sampling RUSS60443
GOST ISO 9162-2013 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Liquefied petroleum gases. Specifications RUSS60717
GOST 22985-90 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Method for determination of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan RUSS61402
GOST 5439-76 Natural and synthetic combustion gases. Method for determination of volume fraction of components using a set of gas analysers (SGA) RUSS61532
GOST 14920-79 Dry gas. Method for determination of component composition RUSS63291
GOST 14921-78 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Methods of sampling RUSS64515
GOST 11382-76 Refinery gases. Method of test for sulphurated hydrogen content RUSS65645
GOST 24938-85 Zinc concentrates. Spectrographic method for determination of gallium, germanium, indium, arsenic, tin, stibium, thallium RUSS69043
GOST R 50838-2009 Polyethylene pipes for the supply of gaseous fuel. Specifications RUSS73163
GOST R 55682.8-2013 Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Part 8. Requirements for firing systems for liquid and gaseous fuels for the boiler RUSS73280

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