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MNS 0263:1982 Lettuce MONG213445
MNS CAC 44:1996 Canned green beans and canned wax beans. Specifications MONG211152
MNS 5787:2007 Siberian Pine nut oil. Technical requirements MONG215682
MNS 0269:1973 Beet MONG212719
MNS CAC 116:1996 Canned carrots. Specification MONG211409
MNS 2697:1979 Jam of Sea Buckhorn MONG213719
MNS GB/T 5009-199:2009 Rapid determination for organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables MONG215706
MNS ISO 7971-1:2005 Maize. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains) MONG211146
MNS 5788:2007 Siberian Pine nut marrow extraction. Technical requirements MONG215708
MNS CAC 104:1999 Vegetable and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen leek MONG213640
MNS CAC 84:1999 Labisia type baked by yoga methodically extracted from the grape juice concentrate MONG220310
MNS 2218:1975 Taste cane. Spirit of potatoes MONG213069
MNS 0279:1982 Pepper MONG212714
MNS 0916:2011 Sea buckthorn fruits. Technical general requirements MONG215273
MNS 0282:1982 Melon MONG212709
MNS CAC RCP 2:2014 Code of hygienic practice for canned fruit and vegetable products MONG216403
MNS ISO 2168:2000 Table grapes. Guide to cold storage MONG214460
MNS CAC 76:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen bilberries MONG212173
MNS 6453:2014 Siberian Pine cone picking, storage and transporting. Technical requirements MONG215366
MNS 3024:1981 Potato and vegetable storage MONG212649
MNS ISO 8682:2003 Apples. Storage in controlled atmospheres MONG214787
MNS CAC 55:1999 Canned mushrooms MONG211328
MNS ISO 7561:2007 Cultivated mushrooms. Guide to cold storage and refrigerated transport MONG214690
MNS 3116:1981 Potato. Determination of starch and dry matter content MONG211668
MNS 0258:2006 Potatoes. General technical requirements MONG215379
MNS 1774:1982 Red cabbage MONG212708
MNS CAC 103:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen blueberries MONG212174
MNS ISO 4125:2000 Dry fruits and dried fruits. Definitions and nomenclature MONG214669
MNS 5075:2001 Vegetable conserve. Technical general requirements MONG213220
MNS CAC 99:1999 Canned tropical fruit salad MONG210630
MNS 5693:2006 Cedar nuts. Technical requirements MONG215681
MNS 0271:1982 Radish MONG212717
MNS ISO 7971-2:2005 Cereals. Determination of bulk density, called -mass per hectoliter Part 2: Routine method MONG211145
MNS 3025:1981 Potato and vegetable storage. Disinfection of storing pit MONG213198
MNS 6421:2013 Kimchi. General requirements MONG215523
MNS 0259:1982 Spring onion MONG212713
MNS CAC 13:1995 Canned tomato pap MONG215551
MNS 0267:1973 Garlic MONG212722
MNS CAC 78:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for Canned fruit MONG220309
MNS 3364:1982 Method of analyses for mushroom MONG212901
MNS CAC 52:1999 Fruits and derived products. Quick frozen strawberries MONG212148
MNS ISO 5519:2007 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Method for determination of sorbic acid content MONG215254
MNS ISO 7560:2003 Cucumber. Storage and refrigerated transport MONG214756
MNS 0358-0:1989 Method analysis and sampling, preparation for testing, determination of component part of canned vegetables MONG212938
MNS 0278:1960 Pour the lard MONG216667
MNS CAC 114:1999 Vegetables and derived products. Quick frozen fried potatoes MONG213728
MNS CAC 102:1999 Fructose MONG211877
MNS ISO 11050:2006 Wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. Determination of impurities of animal origin MONG214521
MNS CAC 59:1999 Canister of warning MONG220301
MNS 1184:1974 Determination of salted vegetable MONG212593
MNS ISO 7701:2003 Dried apples. Specification and test methods MONG215844
MNS ISO 1956-1:2000 Fruits and vegetables. Morphological and structural terminology. Part 1 MONG214629
MNS CAC 77:1999 Vegetables and derived products. Quick frozen spinach MONG212172
MNS ISO 874:2000 Fresh fruits and vegetables. sampling MONG215775
MNS 1054:1985 Fruit preserves MONG213214
MNS CAC 56:1999 Asparagus acquired c MONG220300
MNS 2696:1979 Essence of Sea Buckhorn juice MONG213720
MNS CAC 54:1999 Powdered dextrose (icing dextrose) MONG211788
MNS ISO 7562:2003 Potatoes. Guidelines for storage in artificially ventilated stores MONG215946
MNS 0358-1:1989 Determination of physical and chemical method of canned vegetable MONG212753
MNS CAC 58:1996 Canned mature processed peas. Specification MONG211728
MNS 4942:2000 Thawing of quick frozen fruits and vegetable MONG214170
MNS 2692:2013 Sea Buckhorn oil. Test method MONG215757
MNS CAC 111:1999 Vegetable and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen Cauliflower MONG212143
MNS 0783:2013 Sea buckthorn oil. General requirements MONG215758
MNS 1755:1973 Test method for pickled apple MONG214411
MNS ISO 13690:2005 Cereals, pulses and milled products. Sampling of static batches MONG220410
MNS 0255:2007 Rounded-headed cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata). Technical requirements MONG215277
MNS 0273:1982 Dill MONG212716
MNS CAC 14:1996 Protect your spine. Technical Approval MONG220268
MNS 0270:1982 Carrot MONG212720
MNS CAC 41:1999 Quick frozen pears MONG220290
MNS 5228:2002 Determination of heavy metals, toxic and trace element's content in Canned plant (vegetable crops, orchard) products. Total reflection X-ray fluorescence method MONG215395
MNS CAC 75:1999 Fruits and derived products. Quick frozen peaches MONG212170
MNS (САС) 4532:1997 Canned grapes MONG216436
MNS 0260:1982 Bulb onion MONG212715
MNS 1989:2013 Black current fruits. General requirements MONG215272
MNS ISO 5518:2007 Fruits, vegetables and derived products-determination of benzoic acid content-Spectrophotometric method MONG214638
MNS CAC 299:2014 Apple. General requirements MONG215176
MNS 0281:1982 Watermelon MONG212721
MNS 0277:1984 Salad MONG216666
MNS 0274:1982 Spinach MONG212710
MNS 0462:1977 Fruit marmalade MONG212027
MNS ISO 6659:2003 Sweet pepper. Guide to refrigerated storage and transport MONG214788
MNS 6187:2010 Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus spp. or Psalliota spp). General technical requirements MONG211684
MNS 1990:2014 Blueberry picking, storage and transporting. Technical requirements MONG215410
MNS CAC 134:1999 Nectars of certain citrus fruits preserved exclusively by physical means MONG213692
MNS CAC 85:1996 Back to Greenhouse. Technical Requirements a MONG220311
MNS NY/T 448:2009 Rapid bioassay of organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables MONG215361
MNS CAC 115:1995 Salt cucumber MONG212598
MNS ISO 7703:2003 Dried peaches. Specification and test methods MONG214770
MNS CAC 110:1999 Vegetable and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen broccoli MONG212145
MNS 2829:1979 Potato and vegetable. Sampling and test method MONG213572
MNS CAC 61:1996 Canned pears. Specification MONG211153
MNS 5786:2007 Siberian Pine nut. Technical requirements MONG215365
MNS CAC 67:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for Raisins MONG212678
MNS 0257:1966 Cauliflower MONG213446
MNS ISO 750:2000 Fruit and vegetable products. determination of titratable acidity MONG214637
MNS CAC 79:1996 Jams (fruit preserves) and jellies MONG215399
MNS 0262:1982 Potato and vegetable. Packaging and transportation MONG213106

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