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GOST 16814-88 Baking industry. Terms and definitions RUSS45926
GOST 18474-73 Tea. Terms and definitions RUSS48591
GOST 18848-73 Vegetable oils. Quality indices. Terms and definitions RUSS48595
GOST 19477-74 Canned fruits vegetables. Technological processes. Terms and definitions RUSS48605
GOST 19708-74 Processing of vegetable oils fats and fatty acids-hydrogenation. Terms and definitions RUSS48613
GOST 28322-89 Fruit and vegetable products. Terms and definitions RUSS48740
GOST 18478-85 Tea manufacturing. Terms and definitions RUSS48992
GOST 16367-86 Poultry-processing industry. Terms and definitions RUSS52189
GOST 23493-79 Potatoes. Terms and definitions RUSS54691
GOST 18447-91 Products of poultry meat. Terms and definitions RUSS54905
GOST R 52469-2005 Poultry processing industry. Poultry processing. Terms and definitions RUSS55464
GOST 25509-82 Butter making industry. Terms and definitions RUSS56828
GOST 30602-97 Catering. Terms and definitions RUSS56972
GOST R 51985-2002 Maize starch. General specifications RUSS57441
GOST R 52668-2006 Macaroni durum wheat flour. Specifications RUSS57509
GOST 16280-2002 Food grade agar. Specifications RUSS57879
GOST 20001-74 Liqueur-vodka industry. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions RUSS57912
GOST 21314-75 Vegetable oils. Production. Terms and definitions RUSS58809
GOST 32159-2013 Maize starch. General specifications RUSS59121
GOST 27186-86 Grain for supplies and delivery. Terms and definitions RUSS60099
GOST 18158-72 Production of meat products. Terms and definitions RUSS61034
GOST 17164-71 Dairy industry. Production of non-skimmed milk products. Terms and definitions RUSS61361
GOST 29018-91 Brewing industry. Terms and definitions RUSS61944
GOST R 52672-2006 Hydrolysates of starch. Specifications RUSS62986
GOST 24583-81 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS63691
GOST 17481-72 Technological processes in confectionary industry. Terms and definitions RUSS65272
GOST 18157-88 Slaughtered animal products. Terms and definitions RUSS65277
MNS 243:2003 Semolina. General technical requirements MONG210338
MNS 6648:2016 Requirements for labeling of food product packaging MONG210464
MNS 6646:2016 Vegetable oils. General technical requirements MONG210468
MNS CAC GL 24:2014 General guidelines for use of the term -Halal‖ MONG210494
MNS 6427:2013 Method of Identification of meat species and animal gender determination. DNA diagnostic MONG210508
MNS 5273-2:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-3: Vine processing MONG210555
MNS ISO 2918:1984 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content. (Reference method) MONG210620
MNS CAC 3:1997 Canned pacific salmon MONG210629
MNS CAC 99:1999 Canned tropical fruit salad MONG210630
MNS 4527:1997 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210664
MNS CAC 155:1998 Food products. Unleavened maize foods and cornstarch (grit) MONG210665
MNS CAC 73:1998 Food products. Canned baby foods MONG210685
MNS CAC 107:2007 Codex General Standard for the labeling of food additives when sold as such MONG210760
MNS GB 1536:2015 Crude oil. Technical requirements MONG210777
MNS CAC 12:1998 Food technology. Sugar and sweet products. Honey MONG210846
MNS ISO 5553:2004 Meat and meat products. Detection of polyphosphates MONG210871
MNS ISO 12080 2:2004 Dry milk - Determination of vitamin A - Section-2: High-Activated Fluid Chromatography MONG210994
MNS ISO 1991-2:2000 Vegetables. Nomenclature. Part 2: Second list MONG211011
MNS ISO 7971-2:2005 Cereals. Determination of bulk density, called -mass per hectoliter Part 2: Routine method MONG211145
MNS ISO 7971-1:2005 Maize. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains) MONG211146
MNS CAC 61:1996 Canned pears. Specification MONG211153
MNS 5745:2007 Method of determination method assay of sum flavonoids in food supplements MONG211230
MNS 1023:2007 Edible viscera and offal, including products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG211243
MNS 4230:2005 Protein milk products. General technical requirements MONG211244
MNS 1804:2006 Semi processed meat products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/19) MONG211245
MNS 0429:1989 Canned meat products. Determination method of starch MONG211247
MNS 5273-3:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-3: Vine processing MONG211278
MNS CAC 78:1978 Fruit and fruit. Fruit-cooked cocktail MONG211287
MNS CAC 192:2015 Food additives MONG211297
MNS CAC 55:1999 Canned mushrooms MONG211328
MNS 4266:2015 Vanadium-molybdate method for determination of phosphorus in feed composition MONG211336
MNS CAC 42:1996 Backyard of pineapple. Technical requirements MONG211408
MNS CAC 74:1998 Nutrition prepared from cereals for infants and children. MONG211426
MNS ISO 1572:2000 Tea. Preparation of ground sample of known dry matter content MONG211501
MNS ISO 5943:2000 Cheese and processed cheese products. Determination of chloride content. Potentiometric titration method MONG211531
MNS 5138:2002 Test method of compaction of sugar and unsugar of malt MONG211554
MNS 5137:2002 Determination of Hartong and Colbakh index of malt. Picnometric method MONG211555
MNS 5273-4:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-4: Beer processing MONG211556
MNS 5136:2002 Malt. Test method MONG211557
MNS 3504:1983 Determination of ammonia of milk MONG211563
MNS ISO 3100-1:2000 Meat and meat products. Sampling and preparation of test samples -Part 1: Sampling MONG211624
MNS 1158:1975 Milk and milk products. Determination of casein MONG211638
MNS CAC À 3:1997 Milk-free milk, thick cream. Technical requirements MONG211640
MNS 5321:2016 Miscellaneous drinks. Method of analysis MONG211669
MNS 0181:2008 Various of beer. Technical requirements MONG211671
MNS 5273-5:2007 General requirements for fermentation processing. Part-5: Beverage processing MONG211714
MNS GOST R 51698:2004 Vodka and ethanol. Gas chromatography express- method for determination of toxic micro admixtures content MONG211764
MNS CAC 54:1999 Powdered dextrose (icing dextrose) MONG211788
MNS 5273-1:1962 General requirements for the production of fermentation. Section-1: Production of spirits MONG211821
MNS CAC 102:1999 Fructose MONG211877
MNS CAC GL 2:2007 Guidelines on nutrition labeling MONG211885
MNS ISO 5497:2001 Sensory analysis. Methodology. Guidelines for the preparation of samples for which direct sensory analysis is not feasible MONG211904
MNS 2150:1983 Milk and milk products. Kjeldahl method for determination of total protein MONG211909
MNS CAC RCP 1:2003 Recommended international code of practice general principles of food hygiene MONG211928
MNS 6181:2010 Lactic Acid Bacteria Local strain culture L. Acidophilus LB 3 isolated from Mongolian yoghurt-Tarag‖ MONG211978
MNS 2376:1977 Airag method to determine amino acids MONG211997
MNS ISO 2917:2000 Meat and meat products. Measurement of pH. Reference method MONG212023
MNS 0462:1977 Fruit marmalade MONG212027
MNS 2544:1978 Wild cherry juice MONG212043
MNS 2652:1978 Milk and milk products. Determination of pasteurization MONG212139
MNS CAC 32:1998 Margarine MONG212140
MNS NT TR 0 1961. Margarine Food products. Margarine MONG212141
MNS CAC 52:1999 Fruits and derived products. Quick frozen strawberries MONG212148
MNS ISO 931:2000 Green bananas. Guide to storage and transport MONG212167
MNS CAC 113:1999 Quick Frozen Green and Wax Beans MONG212169
MNS CAC 75:1999 Fruits and derived products. Quick frozen peaches MONG212170
MNS CAC 103:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen blueberries MONG212174
MNS 5528:2005 Tincturas of some kind of plants. Technical requirements MONG212219
MNS ISO 660:2003 Animal and vegetable fats and oils- Determination of acidity value and acidity MONG212224
MNS 4137:1992 Determination of tea -Bayalag‖ MONG212364
MNS 5520:2005 Carrot juice. Technical requirements MONG212425
MNS CAC 49:1996 Tomato juice. Specification MONG212426
MNS 2551:1989 Procedure of checking and receiving, sampling, sensory evaluation of meat and meat products MONG212462

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