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MSP 4.01-102-98 Design and installation of piping systems of domestic hot and cold water supply using metal-polymer pipes RUSS83776
MSP 4.02-101-98 Design and installation of pipelines of heating systems using metal-polymer pipes RUSS83777
MNS ISO 13105-1:2015 Construction machinery and equipment. Levels of concrete surfaces and grinding machines Part 1: Terms and product characteristics MONG210404
MNS 6282:2011 Glass fiber reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement ventiduct. Technical requirement MONG210747
MNS ISO 9652-5:2002 Masonry Part 5: Vocabulary MONG211084
MNS ISO 7296-3:2014 Cranes. Graphical symbols. Part 3: Tower cranes MONG211143
MNS ISO 7296-1:2014 Cranes. Graphic symbols. Part1: General MONG211144
MNS 5761:2007 Interactive CaTV equipment. Technical requirements MONG211359
MNS IEC 27-1:2003 Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology Part 1: General MONG211438
MNS ISO 3880:2002 Building construction-Stairs-Vocabulary. Part 1 MONG211446
MNS 3170:1981 Soil. Determination method of laboratory to experiment of frozen soil by spherical stamp MONG211808
MNS ISO 11375:2000 Building construction machinery and equipment- Terms and definitions MONG211952
MNS ISO 6442:2001 Door leaves-Measurement of defects of general flatness MONG211962
MNS 3388:1982 Determination method of pile resistance of soil MONG212030
MNS 2306:1986 Field test. Method determination laboratory of grain size distribution of soils MONG212320
MNS 5252:2003 Water-dispersion paints for building works. General technical requirements and test methods MONG212339
MNS 3838:1985 Construction drawing and design for fire-protection norm. Terms and definitions MONG212351
MNS 3672:1984 Soil. Measuring method of deformations of foundation for constructions MONG212493
MNS 0023:1982 Material compliance. General requirements for processing the basic material MONG212676
MNS 0025:1982 Material compliance. Project analyses by defined compliant level MONG212677
MNS 3263:2014 Classification of soils MONG212727
MNS 2105:2000 Specific weight of soils and construction materials MONG212729
MNS 4914:2000 Construction and building materials. The average density of base grounds soils MONG212730
MNS ISO 8873-1:2015 Porous hard plastic. Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation. Part 1: Technical requirements MONG212733
MNS ASTM D 2487:2004 Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Classification System) MONG212758
MNS 2143:2000 Soils. Laboratory methods for determination of physical characteristics MONG213156
MNS 3674:1984 Field test method to determine the soil shearing strength in excavation MONG213161
MNS 3478:1983 UILDING Determination method of laboratory of compressibility MONG213167
MNS 3944:2000 Determination method of temperature in field soils MONG213175
MNS 2489:1986 Soil. Field test for determination of deformation index of soils MONG213209
MNS 4100:1990 Thermal technique of construction. Terms and definitions MONG213215
MNS 3948:1986 Soil. Test method of field pile in permafrost MONG213219
MNS 4581:2003 Oxol varnish. Specification and methods of analysis MONG213331
MNS ISO 6443:2001 Door leaves-Measurement of dimensions and of defects of squareness MONG213424
MNS 4981:2000 Windows and doors. Air and water permeability test method MONG213693
MNS 3075:1981 Soil. Test methods of laboratory for determination of subsidence MONG213729
MNS 0022:1982 Material compliance. General rule MONG213759
MNS 0024:1982 Material compliance. Requirements for standardization and technical assignment MONG213760
MNS ISO 8873-3:2015 Porous and hard plastic. Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation. Part 3: Test method MONG213781
MNS 2312:1976 Determination method of Laboratory of ultimate resistance to soils under load on one direction MONG213869
MNS 4101:1990 Determination method of quality water permeability of field soils MONG213870
MNS 2863:1980 Lines of typesetting MONG213918
MNS 3673:1984 Soil. Determination of season-frost depth of soils MONG213932
MNS 3169:1981 Soil. Determination method of laboratory for flexible frozen soil MONG213936
MNS 2310:1984 Determination method Laboratory of direct shear test of soils under load on one direction MONG213938
MNS ISO 8873-2:2015 Porous and hard plastic. Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation. Part 2: Use MONG214068
MNS 3670:1984 Field test method of frozen soil MONG214205
MNS ISO 1182:2008 Reaction to fire tests for building products. non-combustibility test MONG214400
MNS ISO 10406-1:2015 Coagulation-polymer (FRP) to reinforce the concrete. Test method. Part 1: Steel-polymer (FRP) reinforcement and MONG214492
MNS ISO 11925-2:2012 Fire resistance testing. Material Response to Flame Part 2: Single Flame Test MONG214495
MNS ISO 6707-1:2010 Building and civil engineering. Vocabulary Part 1: General terms MONG214563
MNS ISO 6707-2:2010 Building and civil engineering. Vocabulary Part 2: Contract terms MONG214570
MNS ISO 9229:2010 Thermal insulation. Vocabulary MONG214632
MNS ISO 18650-1:2011 Building construction machinery and equipment -- Concrete mixers -- Part 1: Vocabulary and general specifications MONG214703
MNS ISO 8930:2001 General principles on reliability for structures- List of equivalent terms MONG214807
MNS ISO 16817:2013 Building environment design. Indoor environment. Design process for visual environment MONG214809
MNS ISO 7296-2:2014 Cranes. Graphical symbols. Part 2: Mobile cranes MONG214814
MNS GOST 21207:2008 Plastics. Method for determination of flammability MONG214980
MNS 6302-4:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbol representation rules MONG215022
MNS ISO 6927:2002 Building construction. Jointing products-Sealants- Vocabulary MONG215100
MNS EN 13501-1:2013 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Part1: Classification of Fire testing MONG215114
MNS 6267:2011 Glass fiber reinforced cement for ventilation pipe. Technical requirement MONG215116
MNS 6302-5:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbols for terrestrial surface situation MONG215204
MNS 6302-6:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbols for underground working MONG215275
MNS 6302-3:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbols for rock objects MONG215627
MNS 6302-2:2011 Rock graphic documentation. General rules for representation of rock drawings MONG215628
MNS 3671:1984 Soil. Preparation test specimens of frozen soil for laboratory experiment MONG215826
MNS 6302-7:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbols for production objects MONG215937
MNS 6302-8:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Symbols for minerals and for its deposition conditions MONG216022
MNS 6302-1:2011 Rock graphic documentation. Types and sets MONG216277
MNS 4948:2000 External windows and doors. Penetration requirements for air and water MONG216405
MNS 4913:2000 Construction and building materials. Determination method of thermal stability of enclosure MONG216414
MNS 3081:1981 Testing and Testing of Flammable Materials MONG218864
MNS 3082:1981 Refractory products. Types and technical requirement MONG218865
MNS 3171:1982 Soil. Determination method of laboratory the thawing and compressibility factors during the thawing processes of frozen soil MONG218957
MNS 3321:1991 Test methods of static penetration in field soil conditions MONG219029
MNS 3557:1983 Hydrocarbons for technical gold mining in a gold bat MONG219138
MNS 3851:1985 The porous bat is full of sand-filled MONG219316
MNS 4755:1990 Technical requirements. Determination method of resistance to head conductivity of enclosure MONG219670
MNS 4756:1990 Measuring test of density of heat-flow to permeable through enclosure MONG219671
MNS 5073:2001 Building construction. Basic description and description MONG219741
MNS AASHTO T 100:2003 Determination of soils for Specific Gravity MONG220147
MNS ISO 7000:2001 Graphical symbols for use on equipment. Index and synopsis MONG220547

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