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GOST R 50599-93 Welded steel vessels and apparatus under high pressure. Non-destructive control while the manufacturing and operating RUSS15894
GOST 22130-86 Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications RUSS15934
GOST 28122-95 Stone-working grinding-polishing machines RUSS16190
GOST 380-94 Normal quality carbon steel RUSS16311
GOST 28417-89 Vaccine against infectious enterotoxaemia of sheep, anaerobe dysentery of lambs and necrotizing enterocolitis of piglets, caused by clostridium perfringens of type c and d RUSS16459
GOST 7022-97 Manna groats RUSS16516
GOST 23120-78 Steel flights of steps, stair landings and railings. Specifications RUSS16549
GOST 19677-87 Farm tractors RUSS16707
GOST 28086-89 Myxomatosis of rabbits vaccine RUSS16763
GOST 17380-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications RUSS16860
GOST 8889-88 Gears of turbine and compressor machines. Technical requirements. Control methods RUSS16885
GOST 12438-66 Dressed sable skins RUSS16909
GOST 28541-95 Stone-cutting machines RUSS16972
GOST 23118-99 Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications RUSS17031
GOST 25820-2000 Lightweight aggregates concretes. Specifications RUSS17073
GOST 28087-89 Botulism of minks vaccine RUSS17174
GOST 7179-70 Dressed arctic fox skins RUSS17212
GOST 1341-97 Vegetable parchment RUSS17329
GOST 2623-97 Cold-smoked balyk products of far east salmons and issyk kul trout RUSS17398
GOST 27636-95 Stone extraction and processing equipment RUSS17412
GOST 27672-88 Plain bearings RUSS17413
GOST 27434-87 Industrial tractors RUSS17652
GOST 12766.3-90 Precision gauged alloys of high electric resistance RUSS17804
GOST 13932-80 Combined arbor-type circular mills for woodcutting RUSS17809
GOST 12766.4-90 Graded rolled stock of precision alloys of high electrical resistance RUSS17956
GOST 30317-95 Rusk bakery products RUSS18014
GOST 530-2007 Ceramic bricks and stones. General specifications RUSS18090
GOST 20305-94 Gauges for tapers with conisity of 7:24 RUSS18143
GOST 5210-95 Tool steel bars for files , rasps, chisels and groove chisels RUSS18226
GOST 6481-97 Cold-smoked and dry-cured balyk products of sturgeon RUSS18229
GOST 12.2.024-87 Noise. Power oil-immersed transformers. RUSS18305
GOST 30354-96 Ring-shaped bakery products RUSS18396
GOST 7449-96 Salted salmon fish RUSS18419
GOST 20057-96 Frozen sea fish RUSS18730
GOST 22584-96 Electric rope hoists RUSS18734
GOST 7825-96 Soybean oil RUSS18793
GOST 30407-96 Glass tableware and decorative articles RUSS18974
GOST 15035-80 Underground scraper winches RUSS19117
GOST 3916.1-96 Plywood with external layers of deciduous veneer for general use RUSS19159
GOST 99-96 Rotary cut veneer RUSS19181
GOST R 52630-2006 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications RUSS19582
GOST 16371-93 Furniture RUSS19741
GOST 18404.0-78 Control cables. General specifications RUSS19762
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications RUSS20355
GOST 20680-2002 Mechanical mixing devices (agitated vessels). General specifications RUSS20478
GOST 25295-2003 Outerwear of coat-suit assortment. General specifications RUSS20511
GOST 31334-2007 Axles for rolling stock of 1520 mm gauge railways. Specifications RUSS20546
GOST 380-2005 Common quality carbon steel. Grades RUSS20560
GOST R 53769-2010 Рower cables with plastic insulation for rated voltages of 0,66; 1 and 3 kV. General specifications RUSS20634
GOST 1452-2011 Helical springs for trucks and draw-and-buffer gears of railway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20898
GOST 24866-99 Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications RUSS20917
GOST R 51689-2000 Rotating electrical machines. Asynchronous motors of power from 0,12 to 400 kW inclusive. General technical reguirements RUSS20974
GOST R 52146-2003 Cold rolled and cold rolled hot-galvanized sheet with polymer coating, prepainted by the continuous coil-coating process. Specifications RUSS20978
GOST R 52246-2004 Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications RUSS20979
GOST R 52972-2008 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS20991
GOST R 53803-2010 Copper rod for electrical purposes. Specifications RUSS21000
GOST R 54170-2010 Clear flat glass. Specifications RUSS21003
GOST 23279-2012 Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products. General specifications. RUSS21188
GOST 18572-2014 Rolling bearings. Axle box cylindrical roller bearings for rolling stock. Specification RUSS21395
GOST 23118-2012 Building steel structures. General specifications RUSS21398
GOST 32685-2014 Electromechanical arrow actuators. Safety requirements and methods of control RUSS21410
GOST 32783-2014 Inductive - wire sensors. Safety requirements and methods of control RUSS21411
GOST 535-2005 Common quality carbon steel bar and shaped sections. General specifications RUSS21416
GOST R 54798-2011 Control, monitoring and safety means of railway rolling stock. Safety requirements and control methods RUSS21431
GOST R 54833-2011 Automatics and telemechanics railway systems on rail classification yards. Safety requirements and methods of checking RUSS21434
GOST R 54897-2012 Automatics and telemechanics railway systems on railway stations. Safety requirements and methods of checking RUSS21435
GOST R 54899-2012 Centralised traffic and dispatching control systems movement of trains. Safety requirements and methods of checking RUSS21437
GOST R 54900-2012 Automatics and telemechanics railway systems on stages of railroad lines. Safety requirements and methods of checking RUSS21438
GOST R 55019-2012 Pipeline valves. Multiplayer metal bellows. General specifications RUSS21440
GOST R 56057-2014 LED light-optical systems for railway signal alarm. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS21448
GOST 12.4.137-2001 Special shoes with leather upper for the protection from oil, oil products, acids, alkali non-toxic and explosive dangerous dust. Technical specifications. RUSS44287
GOST 12.4.222-2002 Special with upper from leather for the protection from vibration. Technical specifications. RUSS44288
GOST 28507-99 Special with upper from leather for the protection from mechanical effects. Technical specifications. RUSS44333
GOST 30369-96 Stone milling machines General technical requirements and control methods RUSS44350
GOST 18986.18-73 Variable capacitance diodes. Method of measuring temperature coefficient of capacitance RUSS46341
GOST 24379.0-2012 Foundation bolts. General specifications RUSS48685
GOST 26604-85 Non-woven textile sheets (backing) of fibres for thermal-sound-insulating linoleum. Specifications RUSS48724
GOST 28355-89 Flexible manufacturing systems. Flexible manufacturing painting modules. Standards of reliability and general requirements for methods their control RUSS48995
GOST R 50690-94 Tourist and excursion service. Tourist service. General requirements RUSS49155
GOST 4794-97 Thermoanthracite for electrodes. Specifications RUSS50239
GOST 16870-83 Removable boards for troops. Specifications RUSS50452
GOST 12644-80 Hollow and semi-hollow rivets. Specifications RUSS50993
GOST R 51193-98 Spectacle corrections. General specifications RUSS51137
GOST 31763-2012 Wine spirit. Specifications RUSS51209
GOST 32559-2013 Painted glass. Specifications RUSS51479
GOST 32160-2013 Fruit distillate. Specifications RUSS51554
GOST R 50504-2009 Shirts. General specifications RUSS51562
GOST R 52523-2006 Table wines and table wine stocks. General specifications RUSS51848
GOST R 52233-2004 Glass containers. Cullet. General specifications RUSS51856
GOST R 55461-2013 Vine spirit. Specifications RUSS51973
GOST R 51298-99 Wine distillate. Specifications RUSS52027
GOST 31493-2012 Wine distillate. Specifications RUSS52029
GOST 16860-88 Thermal deaerators. Types, basic parameters, acceptance, control methods RUSS52084
GOST R 54638-2011 Products for reproduction. Fresh-received diluted boar’s semen. Specifications RUSS52118
GOST 12.2.100-97 Machines and equipment for manufacturing clau and lime brick, ceramic and asbestos cement products. General safety requirements RUSS52142
GOST 12292-2000 Canned garnished fish with vegetables. Specifications RUSS52153
GOST 31461-2012 Poultry dung. Raw material for manufacture of organic fertilizers. Specifications RUSS52368
GOST R 51145-2009 Brandy distillates. Specifications RUSS52483
GOST R 51146-98 Fruit wine materials fermented and alcoholised after fermentation. Specifications RUSS52484
GOST R 51156-2005 Wine cocktails. General specifications RUSS52485

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