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BD 11-102-07 Engineering-ecological survey for construction MONG75085
BD 11-104-06 Establishment of permanent geodesic points and marks MONG75086
BD 11-105-06 Engineering network drawing MONG75087
BD 11-107-10 Methodological guideline of geological survey for linear constructions in Mongolia MONG75088
BD 11-108-12 Methodological guideline of geological survey for linear constructions in Mongolia MONG75089
BD 11-109-12 Methodological guideline of geological survey for linear constructions in Mongolia MONG75090
BD 11-110-12 Methodological guideline of geological survey for linear constructions in Mongolia MONG75091
BD 11-113-13 Aerial surveying guideline MONG75092
BD 12-101-05 Sample instruction on occupational safety during construction work MONG75093
BD 12-102-04 Regulation on operational safety during engineering-geological and geotechnical works of construction. General Requirements MONG75094
BD 12-103-07 Technical rules for production of external thermal insulation of buildings with plastered walls MONG75095
BD 12-105-07 Sample regulation on occupational safety for construction material manufacturing MONG75096
BD 13-102-00 Regulation on setting locations for service complexes along the autoroads MONG75097
BD 20-101-12 Protection of building structures from corrosion MONG75098
BD 21-101-12 Determination of categories of rooms, buildings on explosion and fire hazard MONG75099
BD 21-102-12 The smoke control systems of buildings of acceptance and routine tests MONG75100
BD 22-101-07 Codes on construction planning in seismic zones. Reference to CCM 22.01.01/2006 MONG75101
BD 23-101-03 Technological instruction on performance of insulation system on current building facilities MONG75102
BD 23-102-03 Methodological instruction on computing insulation of heat and moisture for enclosure assembling MONG75103
BD 23-103-10 Thermal performance designing for building MONG75104
BD 30-101-05 Land and site planning and construction of low-rise housing areas MONG75105
BD 30-102-11 Regulation on planning for external lightning of streets, roads and squares of cities and settlements MONG75106
BD 31-101-00 Methodological guidelines for physical inspection on damaged buildings MONG75107
BD 31-101-04 Handbook for barrier-free construction planning for handicapped MONG75108
BD 31-102-00 Instruction for assessing earthquake resistance rate of existing buildings MONG75109
BD 31-103-00 Methodological instructions on certification to existing building in seismic zones MONG75110
BD 31-104-01 Estimation manual of residential buildings physical deterioration MONG75111
BD 31-105-03 Instruction on earthquake impact computation for brick buildings MONG75112
BD 31-106-03 Methodological recommendations for strenghtening masonry by reinforced concrete and steel MONG75113
BD 31-107-07 Explanation on "Regulation on planning and constructing a single-family house" MONG75114
BD 31-108-08 Planning and constructing of bitumen polymer roof MONG75115
BD 31-109-08 Flooring MONG75116
BD 40-101-05 General design on water supply and sewerage pipelines for tourist camps MONG75117
BD 40-102-06 Planning and installing polymer pipelines for water supply and sewage. Basic principle MONG75118
BD 43-101-03 Regulation for electrical installations MONG75120
BD 43-101-03*12 Regulation for electrical installations MONG75121
BD 43-102-07 Design and installation of electrical equipment in residential and public buildings MONG75122
BD 43-103-08 Guideline for design of lightening protection of buildings and facilities MONG75123
BD 43-104-12 Electrical appliances, mounting. Requirements of fire safety. Test methods MONG75124
BD 43-105-12 Classification and test methods of electrical cable lines fire hazard. MONG75125
BD 50-102-08 Instruction to conduct engineering-geological survey on permafrost soil in Mongolia MONG75126
BD 51-101-05 Instruction on design drawings for masonry structure MONG75127
BD 51-101-06 Instructions for straw bale buildings MONG75128
BD 51-102-05 Instructions on increase of density for brick-masonry by using polymer cement plaster MONG75129
BD 51-103-06 Instructions for straw bale buildings MONG75130
BD 55-101-12 Plaster board structure MONG75133
BD 55-102-12 Structures of gypsum-fiber boards MONG75134
BD 55-103-12 Structures with application gypsum plates MONG75135
BD 80-102-10 Recommendation for cost estimation planning and registration of construction works MONG75136
BD 81-101-01 Methodical instructions on estimation of the scope of construction works MONG75137
BD 81-101-02 Methodological instruction to estimate ownership and operation cost of construction machinery MONG75138
BD 81-102-10 Sample norm for transportation means on construction site MONG75139
BD 81-103-06 Benchmark price for geodesy and cartography MONG75140
BD 81-103-13 Benchmark price for geodesy and cartography MONG75141
BD 81-105-10 Methodology of index calculation MONG75142
BD 81-105-11 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75143
BD 81-106-10 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75144
BD 81-106-11 Benchmark norm on design work for hydraulic construction MONG75145
BD 81-108-11 Regulation for using enlarged norm and benchmark assessment of construction budget MONG75146
BD 81-113-12 Methodology to calculate the budget norms for temporary buildings MONG75147
BD 81-114-12 Norm on budget for construction overhead expenses caused by cold weather MONG75148
BD 81-115-12 Overhead rate MONG75149
BD 81-116-12 Norms coverall and fixings MONG75150
BD 81-16-00/*2007 Benchmark price for design drawings for construction MONG75151
BD 81-16-12 Benchmark price on design drawings MONG75152
BD 81-17-01 Benchmark price for geological survey for construction MONG75153
BD 82-101-02 Methodology to estimate necessity of construction machinery MONG75154
BD 82-102-02 Norm on fuel consumption for construction machinery MONG75155
BD 82-103-02 Sample norm on repair parts and material consumption for construction and road machinery maintenance MONG75156
BD 82-104-10 Fundamental construction materials for construction work of residential building with more than 1000 m2 of areas in total MONG75157
BD 82-104-12 Methodology to estimate norm of construction material waste MONG75158
BN-393-82 Welding of conjunction details and rebars of reinforced concrete structure MONG75159
BNbD 1.04.03-88 Norms on duration of construction. Regulation to apply the norm MONG75160
BNbD 11-01-98 Codes for developing, approving and rectiifying design drawings MONG75161
BNbD 11-02-02 Procedure for foreign organization/institute conducting construction drawing/designing projects in the territory of Mongolia MONG75162
BNbD 11-03-01 Engineering geological work for construction MONG75163
BNbD 11-03-02 Engineering geological work for construction MONG75164
BNbD 11-04-99 The rule of designer’s supervision during construction works MONG75165
BNbD 11-06-03 Rules on chief engineer (chief architect) of the design drawings for construction MONG75166
BNbD 11-07-04 Basic principles for construction engineering survey MONG75167
BNbD 11-08-06 Geodesy work for construction MONG75168
BNbD 12-01-03 Organizational management of construction manufacturing MONG75169
BNbD 12-03-04 Regulation on occupational safety in construction manufacturing. Part I: General Requirements MONG75170
BNbD 12-04-06 Regulation on occupational safety in construction manufacturing. Part II: Regulation on Technical Operational Safety MONG75171
BNbD 13-04-03 Advisory norm for exploitation periods and maintenance schedules of buildings and technical services MONG75172
BNbD 14-01-07 Urban Inventory of Mongolia MONG75173
BNbD 2.01.07-90 Loads and Reactions MONG75174
BNbD 2.01.14-86 Codes for computing hydrological definitions MONG75175
BNbD 2.02.01-94 Construction code for developing design drawings for footings and foundation of buildings and facilities MONG75176
BNbD 2.03.01-90 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures MONG75177
BNbD 2.03.02-90 Masonry and reinforced masonry structures MONG75178
BNbD 2.09.12-87 Hygienic norm for industrial construction planning MONG75179
BNbD 21-01-02 Fire safety of buildings and facilities MONG75180
BNbD 21-02-02 Norm on fire safety for developing construction design drawings MONG75181
BNbD 21-03-04 Petroleum and petroleum product bulk terminal. Fire safety norm MONG75182
BNbD 21-04-05 Automatic fire extinguisher and alarm equipment of buildings and facilities MONG75183
BNbD 22-01-01*/2006 Construction codes on construction planning at seismic zones of Mongolia MONG75184
BNbD 22-02-08 Protecting mountain excavation from ground and surface water MONG75185
BNbD 22-03-09 Design for construction in the reclaimed and soil settling areas MONG75186
BNbD 23-01-09 Climatic and geophysical parameters for construction MONG75187

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