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GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 572-60 Polished millet groats RUSS16207
GOST 28402-89 Bread crumbs RUSS16970
GOST 2077-84 Rye bread, mixed rye-wheat bread and mixed wheat-rye bread RUSS17141
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 3034-75 Oat groats RUSS17192
GOST 9846-88 Cracker-type bread RUSS17232
GOST 18488-73 Sweet dishes RUSS17971
GOST 26574-85 Wheat bakery flour RUSS18001
GOST 30317-95 Rusk bakery products RUSS18014
GOST R 50175-92 Grain. Methods of determination of infected grain RUSS44025
GOST 28796-90 Wheat flour. Determination of wet gluten RUSS48752
GOST 3040-55 Grain. Methods for determination of quality RUSS48776
GOST 26312.1-84 Groats. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS51228
GOST 29143-91 Cereals and cereal products. Determination of moisture content (routine reference method) RUSS51800
GOST 31463-2012 Macaroni durum wheat flour. Specifications RUSS56191
GOST 171-81 Pressed bakery yeast. Specifications RUSS56662
GOST 31491-2012 Macaroni soft wheat flour. Specifications RUSS57008
GOST 31808-2012 Fresh pasta products. General specifications RUSS57039
GOST 13586.5-93 Grain. Method of moisture content determination RUSS60187
GOST 29140-91 Wheat vitaminized flour, bread and baked products. Method for vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) determination RUSS60511
GOST R 50436-92 Cereals. Sampling (as grain) RUSS60936
GOST ISO 520-2014 Cereals and pulses. Determination of the mass of 1000 grains RUSS61260
GOST 31699-2012 Wheat and wheat flour. Determination of gluten content. Part 1. Manual method RUSS62065
GOST 14849-89 Macaroni foods. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS62365
GOST 24508-80 Food concentrates. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS65315
GOST 10847-74 Grain. Methods of determination of ash content RUSS55655
GOST 31805-2012 Products bakery from wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66743
GOST 31807-2012 Bakery products from rye flour and rye-and- wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66744
GOST 32124-2013 Ring-shaped rolls. General specifications RUSS66754
GOST 27494-87 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of ash content RUSS53590
GOST 31751-2012 Fried bread products. General specifications RUSS68190
GOST 26312.4-84 Groats. Methods for determination of grain size, admixture content and sound kernels RUSS52649
GOST 31752-2012 Products bakery in wrapping. Specifications RUSS69919
GOST 13586.2-81 Grain. Methods for determination of foreign grain and specially counted foreign matter, small grains and grain size RUSS71840
GOST 10845-76 Grain. Method of determination of starch RUSS51039
GOST 27670-88 Corn flour. Method for determination of fat RUSS48858
GOST 16470-84 Barley. Requirements for state grain purchases. Specifications RUSS74656
GOST 5060-86 Barley for brewing. Specifications RUSS48796
GOST 29138-91 Wheat vitaminized flour, bread and baked products. Method for vitamin B1 (thiamine) determination RUSS48756
GOST 26312.3-84 Groats. Method for determination of pest infestation RUSS47809
GOST 11225-76 Grain. Method of determination of grain yield by shelling corn-cobs RUSS47711
GOST 28673-90 Oats RUSS18011
GOST 16990-88 Rye RUSS17967
MNS 0254-4:1987 Cereals. Determination of color, odor, taste MONG211273
GOST 5550-74 Buckwheat groats RUSS17206
GOST 28672-90 Barley RUSS17183
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 21831-76 Food concentrates, baby and dietary dry food intended for export RUSS17143
GOST 7170-66 Rye bran RUSS16012
GOST 26982-86 Bread liubitelskii RUSS15992
GOST 31749-2012 Instant (noodle) macaroni products. General specifications RUSS65998
GOST ISO 7971-3-2013 Determination of bulk density, called mass per hectolitre. Part 3. Routine method RUSS65447
GOST ISO 11050-2013 Wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. Determination of impurities of animal origin RUSS65442
GOST 29305-92 Maise. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and whole grains) RUSS65353
GOST 31748-2012 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1, and the total content of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High-performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS63805
GOST ISO 6646-2013 Rice. Determination of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice RUSS63446
GOST 10846-91 Grain and products of its processing. Method for determination of protein RUSS63390
GOST R 53162-2008 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1, and the total content of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High-performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS63033
GOST 27669-88 Wheat bread flour. Method for experimental laboratory bread making RUSS67285
GOST 31750-2012 Macaroni products. Methods of identification RUSS68642
GOST 14944-69 Castor oil plant seeds (industrial raw product). Requirements for delivery RUSS74608
GOST 15810-80 Confectionary. Cakes. Specifications RUSS74622
MNS ISO 5529:2000 Wheat- Determination of sedimentation index. Zeleny test MONG210341
MNS 5411:2004 Food products of oatmeal. General technical requirements MONG210420
MNS CAC 178:2014 Codex standard for durum wheat semolina and durum wheat flour MONG210504
MNS CAC 44:1996 Canned green beans and canned wax beans. Specifications MONG211152
MNS 5157:2002 Testing. Determination of fortified flour by -KAP Complex 1 additive of vitamin-mineral MONG211189
MNS 5229:2002 Determination of the rice extract. Picnometer method MONG211241
MNS ISO 6540:2005 Maize. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains) MONG211288
MNS 4515:1997 Barley‘s groats MONG211812
MNS CAC/GL 4:2004 Utilization of vegetable protein products /VPP/ in foods MONG211822
MNS 3810:1985 Food barley MONG212240
MNS 0158:1985 Biscuit MONG212298
MNS 0382:1961 Pastry products. Determination of heft constant of section for sensory analysis MONG212305
MNS 0245:1989 Determination of flour and bran MONG212572
MNS 0933:1985 Collection of biscuit MONG212654
MNS 0464:2010 Cake products. General technical requirements MONG212675
MNS 4148:1992 Soft wheat flour for noodle. Technical requirements MONG212690
MNS 0384:1961 Pastry products. Determination of alcohol MONG212691
MNS 0635:1985 Wafer cake MONG212839
MNS ISO 15141-2:2000 Foodstuffs. Determination of ochratoxin a in cereals and cereal products. Part 2: High performance liquid chromatographic method with bicarbonate clean up MONG213011
MNS ISO 15141-1:2000 Foodstuffs. Determination of ochratoxin a in cereals and cereal products. Part 1: High performance liquid chromatographic method with silica gel clean up MONG213279
MNS 3869:2003 Rye bread flour. Technical requirements MONG213524
MNS 0254-7:1989 Wheat. Determination of gluten and quality MONG213575
MNS 0097:2010 Wheat. General technical requirements MONG213576
MNS 0254-11:1989 Food wheat. Determination of type and composition MONG213577
MNS 0254-10:1989 Food wheat. Determination of glassiness MONG213590
MNS 0254-6:1979 Cereals. Determination of protein MONG213599
MNS 0381:1961 Pastry products. Method analysis and sampling MONG211878
MNS 0421:1961 Bread and bread products. Determination of salinity MONG212112
MNS CAC 113:1999 Quick Frozen Green and Wax Beans MONG212169
MNS CAC 133:1999 Quick Frozen Corn-on-the-Cob MONG212175
MNS 0342:1984 Pastry products. Determination of oil MONG213723
MNS 0344:1988 Pastry products. Determination of sugar MONG213724
MNS CAC 175:2000 Soy protein products MONG213737
MNS 5607:2006 Soy products -Tofu‖. Technical requirements MONG213739
MNS 3197:1981 Method of determination of survival rate of malting barley MONG213854
MNS 2134:2007 Cereals. Determination of method content starch MONG215515
MNS 4144:2003 Wheaten food bran. Technical requirements MONG214044

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