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BD 81-101-01 Methodical instructions on estimation of the scope of construction works MONG75137
BD 81-101-02 Methodological instruction to estimate ownership and operation cost of construction machinery MONG75138
BD 81-102-10 Sample norm for transportation means on construction site MONG75139
BD 81-103-13 Benchmark price for geodesy and cartography MONG75141
BD 81-105-10 Methodology of index calculation MONG75142
BD 81-105-11 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75143
BD 81-106-10 Basic price for engineering geological of the water construction and facilities MONG75144
BD 81-106-11 Benchmark norm on design work for hydraulic construction MONG75145
BD 81-108-11 Regulation for using enlarged norm and benchmark assessment of construction budget MONG75146
BD 81-113-12 Methodology to calculate the budget norms for temporary buildings MONG75147
BD 81-114-12 Norm on budget for construction overhead expenses caused by cold weather MONG75148
BD 81-115-12 Overhead rate MONG75149
BD 81-116-12 Norms coverall and fixings MONG75150
BD 81-16-12 Benchmark price on design drawings MONG75152
BD 81-17-01 Benchmark price for geological survey for construction MONG75153
BNbD 81-20-04 Residential and public building lighting MONG75284
BNbD 81-30-04 Electrical transmission line work MONG75292
BNbD 81-30-12 Sample norm for labour consumption of connection of high speed communication optic cable MONG75293
BNbD 81-31-12 Sample norm for labour consumption of connection of communication, radio, and television facilities MONG75294
BNbD 81-38-04 Electrical connection work for industrial building construction MONG75299
BNbD 81-39-04 Automated equipment work MONG75300
BNbD 81-40-04 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75301
BNbD 81-40-04*/12 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75302
BNbD 81-50-05 Earth and foundation work MONG75303
BNbD 81-51-05 Wall and sidewall MONG75304
BNbD 81-52-05 Slabbing work MONG75305
BNbD 81-53-05 Flooring work MONG75306
BNbD 81-54-05 Roofing work MONG75307
BNbD 81-55-05 Installation of doors and windows MONG75308
BNbD 81-56-05 Staircase, porch and furnace work MONG75309
BNbD 81-57-05 Finishing work MONG75310
BNbD 81-58-05 Prefabricated reinforced concrete work MONG75311
BNBD 81-59-05 Landscaping and other works MONG75312
BNbD 81-60-05 Water boiler and heating connection work MONG75313
BNbD 81-61-05 Water and heating supply pipeline work MONG75314
BNbD 81-62-05 Heating equipment work MONG75315
BNbD 81-63-05 Ventilation work MONG75316
BNbD 81-64-05 Sewerage pipeline work MONG75317
BNbD 81-65-05 Excavation and grooving work MONG75318
BNbD 81-70-05 Electrical engineering work MONG75319
BNBD 81-85-03 Budget norm of adjustment work elements for electronic machinery equipment, gadgets, verification measurement tools and automatics MONG75320
BNBD 81-86-03 Budget norm on of adjustment work elements for thermal energy equipment MONG75321
BNBD 81-87-03 Budget norm on adjustment work elements for water supply and sewage facilities MONG75322
BNBD 81-9 1-11 Budget benchmark norm for installation of water/hydraulic equipment. MONG75324
BNbD 81-92-11 Building telecommunication connection Work MONG75325
BNbD 81-93-2 Building telecommunication connection work MONG75326
BNbD 81-94-12 Regulation on tariff settings for construction MONG75327
BNbD 81-95-12 Regulations to budget estimation for construction MONG75328
BNbD IV-13-95 The cost of environmental factors, their impact on budget estimation for construction MONG75377
BNbD IY-13-93 Residential and public building structure and enlarged estimation specification based on activities MONG75380
MSP 2.04.101-2001 Design of thermal protection of buildings RUSS84385
MSP 3.02-104-2001 Buildings of district (city) courts RUSS84388
MNS ASTM D 3203:2007 Test method for percent air voids in compacted dense and open bituminous paving mixtures MONG210352
MNS 6303:2016 Roofing and waterproof materials in rolls. General technical requirements MONG210362
MNS ISO 4902:1999 Technical drawings. Construction drawings. Note the appearance, section and section MONG210365
MNS ASTM D 4609:2016 Methods of assessing the effectiveness of soil stabilization additives MONG210376
MNS 6608:2016 Base of a road-reinforced reinforced mineral. Technical requirements MONG210383
MNS ASTM D 7762:2016 Stiffening of soil and soil material, strengthening and stabilizing method with ash filter with cement characteristics MONG210384
MNS ISO 18651-1:2015 Construction machinery and equipment. The vibrating depth of concrete. Part 1: Terms and product definitions MONG210391
MNS ISO 18738:2015 Measurement of lifts for lifts - Part 1 - Lifts (elevators) MONG210398
MNS ISO 14798:2015 Assessment of lifts, escalators and escalators and mitigation methods MONG210402
MNS ISO 19433:2015 Construction machinery and equipment. Vibrating field - Terms and product definitions MONG210403
MNS ISO 13105-1:2015 Construction machinery and equipment. Levels of concrete surfaces and grinding machines Part 1: Terms and product characteristics MONG210404
MNS 0831:2016 Cellular concrete thermoinsulating structures and products. Technical requirements MONG210415
MNS 3091:2008 Cements. General specifications MONG210461
MNS ISO 18652:2015 Construction machinery and equipment. The surface of the batch of concrete MONG210478
MNS ASTM D 5602:2013 Standard Specification for EPDM sheet used in single- ply roof membrane. Standard Test Method for Static Puncture Resistance of Roofing Membrane Specimens MONG210484
MNS ASTM D 413:2013 Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property-Adhesion to Flexible Substrate MONG210486
MNS 6423:2013 Construction, housing, street camera control. General requirements MONG210490
MNS ASTM C 227:2013 Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Cement-Aggregate Combinations (Mortar-Bar Method) MONG210491
MNS EN 771-4:2016 Filing material. Autoclave gas concrete block. Part 4: Technical requirements MONG210498
MNS ISO 15202-1:2014 Workplace air. Determination of metals and metalloids in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry Part 1: Sampling MONG210501
MNS ISO 15202-2:2014 Workplace air. Determination of metals and metalloids in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) atomic emission spectrometry Part 2: Sample preparation MONG210509
MNS ASTM E 145:2013 Road construction materials. Gravity and coated ventilation incinerator. Technical requirements MONG210511
MNS 4912:2016 Road constriction product. Concrete posts for road signs and signals. Technical requirements MONG210530
MNS ASTM D 6432:2016 Using a radar method to measure ground surface and depth MONG210531
MNS ASTM C 597:2016 Determination of concrete by ultrasonic pulse speed MONG210532
MNS ASTM C 78/C78M:2016 Concrete and concrete products. Determination of concrete bending strength MONG210538
MNS ASTM D 4595:2014 Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Geotextiles by the Wide-Width Strip Method MONG210541
MNS ASTM D 6236:2016 Methods for drilling from cement and lime soil MONG210545
MNS ASTM C 1064:2005 Method of determining the temperature of the Portland Conventional Concrete MONG210548
MNS EN 459-2:2016 Lime construction. Part 2: Test methods MONG210569
MNS 1521:2016 Depression concrete. Test methods MONG210571
MNS EN 772-11:2016 Filing material. Test Methods - Part 11: Determination of water absorption by light aggregate concrete, autoclave and non-autoclave gas concrete, artificial and natural stone and clay brick MONG210573
MNS GOST 8269-1:2016 Use of building blocks for rigid rock and tailings produced. Chemical analysis method MONG210574
MNS ISO/TR 16765:2015 Comparison of World Standards for Fire Extinguisher Safety MONG210577
MNS 4699:2016 Plate for the pavement and platform. General requirements MONG210596
MNS ISO 11071-1:2015 Comparison of elevator safety standards applied to other countries. Part 1: Electric lift / Elevator / MONG210610
MNS 6445:2014 Technical requirements for -Tamir-EM bio liquid, part of EM product series MONG210617
MNS ISO 4190-2:2003 Passenger lifts and service lifts. Part 2. Lifts of class MONG210622
MNS ISO 4190-5:2003 Lifts and service lifts. Part 5. Control devices, signals and additional fittings MONG210623
MNS 6567:2015 Road construction materials. Recycling of asphalt pavement road. Technical requirements MONG210666
MNS 5771:2007 Concrete with polystyrene aggregates. Technical requirements MONG210671
MNS 6087:2010 Concrete facing brick with multilayer. Technical requirement MONG210672
MNS 6284:2011 Test methods for fiber cement products MONG210679
MNS ASTM D 5635:2013 Standard test methods for dynamic puncture resistance of roofing membrane specimens MONG210680
MNS 5416:2004 Thermal insulation Phenoizol. Technical requirements MONG210686
MNS 5608:2006 Expanded perlite sand and crushed stone. Technical requirements MONG210690
MNS ISO 6934-1:2003 Steel for the prestressing of concrete. Part 1: General requirements MONG210693
MNS ASTM C 593:2010 Specification for fly ash and other pozzolans for use with lime for soil stabilization MONG210714

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