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GOST 12506-81 Wooden windows for production buildings. Types, structure and dimensions RUSS16255
GOST 5244-79 Wood chips RUSS16800
GOST 5905-79 Metallic chrome RUSS16804
GOST 6749-86 Wall paper RUSS18029
GOST 18404.3-73 Polyethylene insulated pvc sheathed control cables RUSS18129
GOST 20799-88 Industrial oils Specifications RUSS18344
GOST 22366-93 Iron-based sintered filler ribbon electrode RUSS18353
GOST 18404.2-73 Ре insulated rubber sheathed control cables RUSS18496
GOST 16092-78 Suspended multiconductor flexible cables RUSS18715
GOST 16442-80 Plastics insulated power cables. Specifications RUSS18823
GOST 2084-77 Mobile gasoline Specifications RUSS19220
GOST 28196-89 Water-dispersion paints RUSS19236
GOST 16336-77 Polyethylene compositions for cable industry. Specifications RUSS19326
GOST 16337-77 High-pressure polyethylene. Specifications RUSS19687
GOST 3514-94 Achromatic optical glass RUSS19788
GOST 15130-86 Optical quartz glass RUSS19898
GOST 7055-86 The moscow basin coals. Classification RUSS43749
GOST 26630-85 Ceramic tool materials. Grades RUSS45690
GOST 21285-75 Caoline concentrated for perfume industry. Specifications RUSS47846
GOST 13099-2006 Iridium. Marks RUSS47879
GOST 13098-2006 Rhodium. Marks RUSS47942
GOST 15045-78 Quartz-feldspar raw materials for building ceramics. Specifications RUSS48199
GOST 2712-75 Grease АМС. Specifications RUSS49503
GOST 8618-86 Cardboard for stereotype matrixes. Specifications RUSS49779
GOST 19808-86 Medical glass. Marks RUSS50862
GOST 26719-85 Copper-based powder antifriction materials. Types RUSS51010
GOST 16221-79 Yurts felt. Specifications RUSS51374
GOST 23998-80 Active carbon AГ-2. Specifications RUSS51927
GOST 9277-79 Shargolin. Specifications RUSS53554
GOST 10957-74 Siliconorganic liquids 132-24 and 132-25. Specifications RUSS54981
GOST 9723-73 Tin powder. Specifications RUSS55371
GOST 20358-78 Air-filtering paper. Specifications RUSS55684
GOST 24704-94 Corundum and high alumina refractory products. Specifications RUSS55981
GOST 1020-97 Casting brass in pigs. Specifications RUSS56507
GOST 10698-80 Mica. Types, marks and basic parameters RUSS56519
GOST 21985-76 Commercial explosives. Splitted off ammonal № 1. Specifications RUSS56754
GOST 21986-76 Commercial explosives. Detonite M. Specifications RUSS56755
GOST 3686-77 Micafoly. Specifications RUSS57077
GOST 4014-75 Organic dyestuffs. Nigrosine water-soluble. Specifications RUSS57100
GOST 12923-82 Cellulose wadding medical. Specifications RUSS58324
GOST 3028-78 Mica splitting. Specification RUSS58450
GOST 3956-76 Silica gel technical. Technical conditions RUSS58558
GOST 12172-74 Phenol-polivinylacetyl adhesives. Specifications RUSS58672
GOST 11010-84 Synthetic fat for leather industry. Specifications RUSS60440
GOST 21984-76 Commercial explosives. Water-proof ammonite No 6GW and ammonal. Specifications RUSS60856
GOST 21987-76 Commercial explosives. Granulites. Specifications RUSS60922
GOST 9548-74 Roofing petroleum bitumens. Specifications RUSS61051
GOST R 53207-2008 Cardboard for plain layers of corrugated cardboard. Specifications RUSS61679
GOST 14256-78 Asbestos electro-and heat insulating tapes. Specifications RUSS61920
GOST 22031-76 Heat insulating products for refrigerators. Specifications RUSS62186
GOST 10730-82 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Preparation OC-20. Specifications RUSS62321
GOST R 53593-2009 Essential oil, herbal and floral production and raw material. Specifications RUSS63063
GOST 26802-86 Iron-based powder antifriction materials. Types RUSS63726
GOST 28546-2002 Hard toilet soap. General specifications RUSS63741
GOST 6413-77 Benzoic acid for industrial use. Specifications RUSS63875
GOST 18404.1-73 Flouroplastic insulated and reinforced rubber sheathed control cables. Specifications RUSS64730
GOST 32650-2014 Glassfibre. Yarns. Typesandbrands RUSS65009
GOST 21982-76 Commercial explosives. Water-proof safety ammonites. Specifications RUSS65159
GOST 13032-77 Polymethylsiloxane fluids. Specifications RUSS65189
GOST 13610-79 Iron carbonyl for radiotechnical uses. Specifications RUSS65258
GOST 7866.2-76 Rubber-insulated flexible PVC-sheathed shipboard cables. Specifications RUSS66059
GOST 9286-2012 Technical pentaerythritol. Specifications RUSS66798
GOST 31791-2012 Essential oil, herbal and floral raw material. Spacifications RUSS67306
GOST 6285-74 Wire for industrial blasting operations. Specifications RUSS68952
GOST R 50632-93 High-strength hydrogen peroxide. Specifications RUSS69166
GOST 2-2013 Ammonium nitrate. Specifications RUSS69257
GOST 14613-83 Fibreboard. Specifications RUSS69887
GOST 9980.4-2002 Paint materials. Marking RUSS70757
GOST 9439-85 Polyvinylbutyral. Specifications RUSS71674

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