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MNS 6646:2016 Vegetable oils. General technical requirements MONG210468
MNS 6406:2013 General requirement for the animals and livestock of spoils, cremate, to disinfect, abattage MONG210497
MNS 6445:2014 Technical requirements for -Tamir-EM bio liquid, part of EM product series MONG210617
MNS GB 1536:2015 Crude oil. Technical requirements MONG210777
MNS 3621:1983 Breeding farm animal. Method of defining productivity parameters of sheep MONG210839
MNS 6548:2015 Method of weight determination of first moisture, dry matter, and ash in animal feeds and pasture plants MONG210888
MNS 6555:2015 Nutrition preparations. Technical requirements MONG210889
MNS 6556:2015 Topic nutrition. Technical requirements MONG210890
MNS 6036:2009 Husbandry. Culture frozen thawed embryos. General requirement MONG210907
MNS 6196:2010 Embryo transfer of cows, sheep and goats. General requirement MONG210908
MNS 6195:2010 Supplement feed for animals. General requirement MONG210909
MNS 6037:2009 Husbandry. Frozen embryos and stored. General requirement MONG210936
MNS 5817:2007 National center for livestock genetic fund. General requirement MONG210939
MNS 5819:2007 Requirement of Artificial Insemination unit MONG210942
MNS 5818:2006 Requirements for the KFS herd center MONG210952
MNS 547:1990 Pet fatty protein feed MONG211193
MNS 6550:2015 Animal and animal feed and plant samples contain atomic absorption spectrometry methods for determining macro-micro elements MONG211208
MNS 1023:2007 Edible viscera and offal, including products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG211243
MNS 5930:2008 Complete mixed feed for pigs. General technical requirements MONG211265
MNS 4266:2015 Vanadium-molybdate method for determination of phosphorus in feed composition MONG211336
MNS 6549:2015 Method of determining total protein for animal feed and forage plants MONG211337
MNS 6551:2015 Anomaly method for determining total fiber in animal feeds and pasture plants MONG211338
MNS 6553:2015 An anomalous method for determining lignin-free lignin in animal feeds and pasture plants MONG211339
MNS 6552:2015 Anomalous method for determination of non-soluble fiber for animal feed and pasture plants MONG211340
MNS 6554:2015 Anomalous method for determining alkaline non-soluble fiber in animal feed and pasture plants MONG211341
MNS 4413:2005 Determination of animal feed nutritive value by metabolizable energy. Technical requirement MONG211342
MNS ISO 14182:2001 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of residues of organophosphorus pesticides. Gas chromatographic method MONG211343
MNS ISO 3100-1:2000 Meat and meat products. Sampling and preparation of test samples -Part 1: Sampling MONG211624
MNS 5785:2007 Khalimag breed of beef cattle adopted in Mongolia. General requirement MONG211687
MNS 3620:1983 Method of defining productivity of Dairy and Milk- Beef cattle MONG211805
MNS 3622:1983 Breeding farm animal. Method of defining productivity of Pig MONG211806
MNS 1088:1978 Raw materials for feed. Method controlling of quality of mixed feed MONG211890
MNS 4550:1998 Various kind of nutritious feed MONG212082
MNS 4416:1997 Rapid Method of determination for forage dry matter MONG212087
MNS 1112:1970 Method for determining camel fatness MONG212136
MNS CAC 32:1998 Margarine MONG212140
MNS NT TR 0 1961. Margarine Food products. Margarine MONG212141
MNS 1086:1983 Pine powder MONG212176
MNS 0407:1982 Horses for enterprises, export warehouse and trade MONG212198
MNS:1964 Horse horses to factory, export bases and trade facilities MONG212199
MNS ISO 660:2003 Animal and vegetable fats and oils- Determination of acidity value and acidity MONG212224
MNS 4388:1996 Animal feed. Determination of peroxide content MONG212227
MNS 0547:2008 Animal originated feed rich with protein. Technical requirement MONG212228
MNS 547:2008 Animal-derived protein. Technical requirements MONG212229
MNS 2454:1977 Animal origin protein-containing feed. Analysis method MONG212230
MNS 1556:1983 Mongolian fat romped sheep MONG212365
MNS 0494:1989 Coarse wool, spring screening MONG212373
MNS 1606:1984 Yak MONG212374
MNS 1602:1983 Alatau cattle breed MONG212379
MNS 1603:1983 Black and White cattle MONG212380
MNS 1601:1983 Yellow and White cattle MONG212381
MNS 1604:1983 Steppe Red cattle MONG212382
MNS 0961:2008 Wheat bran. Technical requirement MONG212416
MNS 961:2008 Wheat bran. Technical requirements MONG212417
MNS 1633:1972 Semen of breeding bulls MONG212422
MNS 0070:2007 Grease down fibers. Technical specification MONG212441
MNS 1083:1970 Mineral feed additives MONG212446
MNS 1077:2008 Supplementary feed for grazing animals. Technical requirement MONG212457
MNS 0037:2007 The Coarse hair. Technical specification MONG212460
MNS 4379:1996 Method for determine salt in pathologic organs and fodder of animals MONG212461
MNS 3648:1984 Crude feed. Detection of fungi MONG212486
MNS 3649:1984 Combined feed. Detection of fungi MONG212492
MNS 0068:1987 Young goat skin. Technical requirements MONG212507
MNS 0067:1987 Lamb skin. Technical requirements MONG212508
MNS 3925:1986 Sucking. pig for commercial sale MONG212544
MNS 1080:2008 Tailings of grains. Technical requirement MONG212573
MNS ISO 1841-2:2000 Meat and meat products. Determination of chloride content. Part 1: Potentiometric method MONG212588
MNS 3469:1983 Silage, hay silage and straw. Determination of organic acid, alcohol, ammonia MONG212606
MNS 1607:1983 Native Mongolian beef cattle MONG212614
MNS 3003:1980 Determination method of iron in animal blood, organs and feeding stuffs. Photometric method MONG212661
MNS 0592:2008 Hay. Technical requirement MONG212663
MNS 592:2008 The grass. Technical requirements MONG212664
MNS 0959:1989 Young camel skin. Technical requirements MONG212697
MNS 0066:1989 Calf skin. Technical requirements MONG212698
MNS 0065:1989 Foal skin. Technical requirements MONG212699
MNS 0525:1994 Method of analysis of food and technical oils MONG212707
MNS 4384:1996 Diagnostic methods of Salmonellosis MONG212774
MNS 0684:1981 Livestock for enterprises, warehouses and trade MONG212781
MNS 5262:2003 Frozen semen of Mongolian stallion Technical requirement MONG212789
MNS 4263:1995 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of nitrogen content MONG212791
MNS 4879:1999 Animal feeding stuffs and contents of stomach- Detection of phosphide zinc by Zanger-Bleck method MONG212793
MNS 5126:2002 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination method of feed lignin content MONG212794
MNS 6086:2010 Phosphate cellulose. Technical requirement MONG212795
MNS 592:1988 The grass MONG212796
MNS 1787:1973 Salt Peter MONG212799
MNS 1786:1973 Animal feed-salt MONG212800
MNS 1082:1973 Salt marsh MONG212801
MNS 3849:1985 Gross heifer of Dairy and Dairy-Beef cattle MONG212803
MNS 2965:1983 Cattle. Kazakh white-headed MONG212814
MNS 3222:2007 Selenge breed of beef cattle MONG212815
MNS 3186:1981 Method of defining productivity criteria beef cattle MONG212887
MNS 4099:2010 Mongolian horse. General requirement MONG212890
MNS 0550:2011 Mongolian goat breeds. General requirements MONG212893
MNS 5931:2008 Animal husbandry. Deep frozen semen of Arabic stallion. Technical requirement MONG212894
MNS 1997:2013 Animal husbandry. Coarse and coursing wool sheep breed of Mongolia. General requirement MONG212895
MNS 2623:2014 Animal husbandry. Mongolian fine and fine wool. General requirements MONG212896
MNS 550:1991 Three goose breeds of Cashmere Gobi MONG212939
MNS 1720:2014 Animal husbandry. Local Mongolian camel. General requirements MONG212953
MNS 0120:2001 Astrakhan mixed lamb skin. Technical requirements MONG212954
MNS 0389:1989 Method for determining ash, molybdenum and silicon oxide in hay, grass fodder and livestock excreta MONG213013

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